4 reasons to sign up for the Nextcloud Exchange Connector Beta

Nextcloud Enterprise allows users to integrate with various systems and tools to simplify users’ work processes and enhance their productivity. And now Nextcloud is excited to introduce its newest addition to the lineup: the Nextcloud Exchange Connector.

What is the Nextcloud Exchange Connector?

Developed in partnership with Sendent, the Nextcloud Exchange Connector provides bi-directional syncing with Microsoft Exchange. This new connector allows you to sync your contacts and agenda items between Nextcloud Enterprise and Microsoft (on-premises) or Microsoft 365 (cloud).

The connector integrates Microsoft’s proprietary contact and calendar formats with Nextcloud, by using the open standards CardDav (for contacts) and CalDav (for calendars). Initially, the focus is on ensuring bidirectional synchronization of personal agendas and contacts, while support for shared agendas and contacts will be implemented at a later stage.

Why use the Nextcloud Exchange Connector?

The Nextcloud Exchange Connector is designed to make your workflow more efficient and productive. Here are some of the key benefits you can enjoy with this new integration:

No more copying and pasting

If you use both Microsoft and Nextcloud Hub for your agendas and contacts, the Nextcloud Exchange Connector makes it easy to sync them seamlessly. This eliminates the need to manually copy and paste information, saving you time and effort.

Directly share files stored in Nextcloud with Outlook contacts

With the Nextcloud Exchange Connector, you can directly share files stored in Nextcloud Hub with your Outlook contacts. This makes collaboration even easier, as you can share files with just a few clicks.

Easily plan Nextcloud meetings with Outlook users

If you’re planning a meeting with colleagues who mainly use Outlook for their agenda, the Nextcloud Exchange Connector makes it easy to see their availability and plan the meeting. This is especially useful if you’re using Nextcloud Talk for video conferencing.

Offers an alternative to the Office experience

The Nextcloud Exchange Connector offers organizations an opportunity to leverage Nextcloud Hub while maintaining their familiarity with the Microsoft ecosystem, providing an alternative to the Office experience.

Sign up for the Nextcloud Exchange Connector beta

Sendent will make the Nextcloud Exchange Connector available for both Microsoft Exchange (on-premises) and Microsoft 365 subscriptions. This ensures that organizations can take advantage of this integration regardless of their current Microsoft environment.

You can still sign up for the beta program of the Nextcloud Exchange Connector Beta.