3000 users at ucloud4schools migrated to Nextcloud 11 by regio iT

regio iT, a German IT consulting organization recently finished the migration of 3000 users at ucloud4schools from Owncloud 7 and 8 to Nextcloud 11.0.1. The migration went smooth and delivered the expected performance, security and feature benefits.


ucloud4schools is a product from regio iT offering 122 different schools their own, private cloud sync and share solution. Formerly based on Owncloud, the solution is built on Nextcloud and offers all the benefits of its easy to use interface.

Thanks to ucloud4schools, educational institutions get an opportunity to teach, communicate and collaborate in both the pedagogic and administrative areas, regardless of time or place.

For 3 years, the over 3000 users of ucloud4schools have been using the software to sync and share data without risking any third party gaining access. For schools in Germany, student privacy and an easy to use interface where crucial factors in deciding for this technology.

regio iT

regio iT is a service provider with over 300 employees delivering solutions for communities, schools, non-profits as well as customers in the energy production and distribution space. Based in Aachen and with a branch in Gütersloh, the company offers strategic and project-related IT consulting, integration, IT infrastructure and full service in four areas:

  • IT Service & Operation
  • Administration & Finance
  • Energy & Waste Management
  • Education & Development


Moving to Nextcloud is easy with our migration support and brings significant benefits in the areas of security, performance, stability and features. The team wanted to bring the customers also a new look and feel, created together with a design company.

The migration from Owncloud to Nextcloud was performed using a scripted approach. The conversion itself went as expected. A few instances had issues caused by specific wishes like logo adaptations that had to be made manually.

One major feature of Nextcloud 11, its significant performance and scalability advantages, was another reason for the migration and it paid off very well. The access time to data was decreased, making the usage of ucloud4schools a lot smoother for the users. In the feature area, the improvements enable further development of features and capabilities by regio iT. Stefan noted that while the schools were, in general, happy with the features provided, the prospect of new enhancements to the product was exciting.

I see ucloud4schools as more than an educational cloud. It offers many apps that work together and shows possibilities that go far beyond the functions of an ordinary cloud. We will continue to extend our product and we are glad to have found a partner in Nextcloud with a healthy community and strong development and support capabilities.

Stefan Döhler, project manager at regio iT