15K teachers in Luxembourg start using Nextcloud

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The Centre de gestion informatique de l’éducation, the IT resource management administration of the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth in Luxembourg, is in charge of preparing and implementing the government’s policy in the areas of education, children and youth. In 2020, the CGIE launched a Nextcloud service to provide about 15000 teachers and staff members with a GDPR-compliant file storage.

Corona and GDPR

Even before the Corona pandemic, Luxembourg had given all pupils and teachers access to the Microsoft 365 cloud, but on the condition that it not be used for documents relevant to data protection. For these documents, an on-premise hosted cloud was to be set up, which would enable the GDPR-compliant hosting of data.

With the onset of the Corona pandemic, the pressure to build such a cloud quickly increased. The IT organization quickly decided on Nextcloud as the cloud software, and for the data storage they wanted to use the service of a Luxembourg provider for S3-compatible storage if possible. In addition, it was clear from the beginning that they needed Nextcloud Enterprise and a partner to set up and operate the Nextcloud service to ensure reliability and compliance. HKN GmbH convinced with its long experience in operating large Nextcloud installations.

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Great results

Today, Luxembourg provides its teachers with a fast, GDPR-compliant and productive cloud collaboration platform. The system has incredibly good performance, something that was an important focus as it was key for acceptance of the solution. The cluster setup with caching, database cluster and up-to-date hardware can serve thousands of users without any waiting times.

Find the full whitepaper on our website.

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