Podcast by Linode: How Nextcloud empowers users to take back control of their data

janvier 13, 2023

Mikaela Schneider

Nextcloud’s Daphne Muller, Manager of Alliances, Ecosystem & Support recently starred in Linode’s podcast series Craft of Code.

Besides Daphne’s work at Nextcloud, she is a privacy researcher. She wrote her thesis in university on unnecessary data collection and held a TEDx talk called Privacy is Progress. Her goal is to inform about and advocate against surveillance capitalism and believes that, « by collecting less personal data, we get more innovation, more profitable business models, and most importantly more humanity. »

The episode kicks off discussing companies data management problem of today, as companies hold zetabytes of data, and pose a series of important questions. Who is in charge of all this data and how do they keep it safe?

What to expect from the podcast

  • Why Daphne wrote her thesis on unnecessary data collection
  • How decentralization links to innovation, privacy, and price
  • Why organizations want to take back control of their data
  • The real reason alternatives are so hot right now
  • Why big tech is “shaking” the four pillars
  • Daphne’s thoughts on what companies should be wary of
  • What makes Nextcloud so different

Listen to the podcast « How Nextcloud Empowers Users to Take Back Control of Their Data » for free on Apple Podcasts.

Duration: 20 minutes