Nextcloud launches Customer Advisory Board

Today Nextcloud announces it is assembling a Customer Advisory Board to help guide its development and decision making. The Advisory Board provides a platform for Nextcloud’s Premium customers to have regular, direct communication with the Nextcloud management team, providing an opportunity to discuss their strategic needs and goals.

Meeting opportunities

The Advisory Board will meet twice a year, on the evening before the bi-annual Nextcloud Enterprise day, for a dinner, presentation and discussion about strategic challenges. Quarterly conference calls and other communication channels will provide regular opportunities to discuss the roadmap and market developments.

Each Premium Subscription customer gets a seat on the advisory board. A selection of Nextcloud’s largest customers will complete this board. The Advisory Board offers our customers unique insight in upcoming technologies and a chance to share needs and concerns with Nextcloud management. We have begun reaching out to our customers to join the board and welcome all existing and new Premium subscribers to participate.

The Advisory board will officially be launched at the upcoming Nextcloud Enterprise Day in Stuttgart. Tickets for the event still be bought with a 50% discount until January 31st! Learn more on our website.

Through our Advisory Board, our customers are part of building a vision for secure file exchange and teamwork in organizations of the future!

Other announcements

Today we also announced the upcoming Virtual Drive technology in the Nextcloud Desktop Client and that Nextcloud GmbH more than doubled its customer base during 2018, with more good news.

You can learn more about these in their respective announcements: