Major update to Nextcloud Outlook add-in is now available

We’re excited to share some news from our partner Sendent — the brand new web add-in for Outlook is here, and we can’t wait for you to try it out. Fully rewritten, the app features compatibility with macOS, Windows and web interfaces. Read on to learn more.

About Sendent Outlook add-in

Leveraging Nextcloud’s powerful sharing capabilities, Sendent simplifies and enhances file sharing by sending secure Nextcloud links instead of traditional direct attachments. The Sendent Outlook add-in seamlessly integrates your Nextcloud with Outlook, facilitating the efficient sending of emails without the need to switch between applications.

Why use outlook add in?

  • Simplified Collaboration: Streamline Nextcloud file sharing seamlessly within Outlook. 
  • Enhanced Productivity: Save time and minimize the risk of data leaks.
  • Secure Emailing: Protect your emails and attachments from unauthorized access.
  • Compliance Control: Set central company policies for sharing files via email for all users.
  • Cost-efficiency: Save on exchange storage costs.

New: macOS and web compatibility

The most important upgrade in the app is cross-platformity. The new version is available for Windows, Mac, and web users alike, ensuring a consistent and productive experience for everyone. It’s a small step for technology but a big change for businesses using multiple operating systems, as the add-in is not exclusive to Windows users anymore.

To achieve this, the app has been rebuilt from ground-up, with the app’s features streamlined in the new code base. More features and improvements are coming soon, including a Nextcloud talk integration.

Sendent Outlook add-in for Nextcloud macOS

New user interface

The update brings a completely new UI that makes sharing even easier and more user-friendly. You can edit emails inline while uploading files at the same time.

There’s also a wizard that guides you through all the steps so that even for new users, you will be able to use Sendent within a matter of minutes.

Migration and old version support

Acknowledging the diverse user base, Sendent remains committed to supporting the old Outlook add-in for users who have yet to migrate to the latest version. However, users embracing the new Outlook will find themselves seamlessly transitioning to the new web add-in, unlocking a host of new features and improvements.

Microsoft has indicated its intention to phase out COM/VSTO add-ins, with the latest version of Outlook 365 no longer supporting them. While users of Outlook 2021 and older can still utilize COM/VSTO add-ins, Sendent subscribers are required to switch to the web add-in when upgrading to the new Outlook.

For those moving to the new version, Sendent is ready to address any limitations and facilitate a smooth transition. Everyone is encouraged to provide feedback on the new app and its features via community forum.

Get the free app

The app is already available with a free plan for all users to explore all improvements and new features free of charge. Paid options will be released in the upcoming weeks, offering business-grade features for corporate clients. To try the new free add-in, sign-up for the app on the Sendent website.

Please note that in order to use the add-in, Outlook must be connected with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365 or IMAP and POP3 account support is limited by Microsoft at the moment.

Your feedback is appreciated!

You have a chance to help Sendent improve the app and request desired updates directly. Submit your feedback and suggestions on the Nextcloud Community forum to let the developer team know what they should work on next. The Sendent team will monitor your feedback regularly.