First virtual events of 2021: Univention Summit, FOSDEM and CS3

With lock down back in force in many places, virtual events are gearing up. Nextcloud participates in a number of events the coming weeks, and we wanted to give you a quick overview!
cs3 logo

CS3 – January 25-29

First, today already, CS3 is kicking off. CS3, the yearly « Workshop on Cloud Services for Synchronisation and Sharing » is an event run by some major European research organizations to discuss their file sync & share technology usage. A number of sessions covers Nextcloud:

  • Frank Karlitschek (Nextcloud): Nextcloud – State of the nation
  • Anders Bruvik, Gabriel Paues (SafeSpring): Introducing an open source Sync and Share solution in Sweden
  • Sascha Wiswedel (Nextcloud): Open Heart Surgery with 60 Terabytes of Data: Migrating 40.000 users from PowerFolder to Nextcloud
  • Sander Apweiler, Dr Andreas Klotz (Helmholtz Berlin), Matthias Leander-Knoll (KIT): HIFIS: Sync&Share Federation for Helmholtz
  • Olivier Paroz (Nextcloud): The benefits of using Nextcloud Talk
  • Björn Schießle (Nextcloud): OCM – from the initial design to a core component of Nextcloud Hub

We also have a virtual stand at CS3.
Univention logo

Univention Summit – January 28-29

Thursday and Friday, the Univention Summit takes place, online as well.

  • Frank Karlitschek, Keynote: Secure and efficient collaboration in 20201
  • Workshop: From File Sync & Share to a Communication and Content Collaboration Platform

We also have a virtual stand at the Univention Summit.

FOSDEM – February 6-7

Last but not least, a week later than usual, FOSDEM 2021 kicks off! We participate with a virtual stand and a talk about Nextcloud in 2021.