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Jamaica Data Privacy Act

Jamaica looks to Nextcloud ahead of the Data Protection Act

Starting December 1st, 2023, Jamaican businesses will be officially held liable for privacy violations under the Data Protection Act. Passed in June 2020, the Data Protection Act provides guidelines on how personal data should be handled in physical or electronic form. All businesses that manage...

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File Drop – Convenient and secure file exchange for Enterprises

File Drop – Échange de fichiers pratique et sécurisé pour les entreprises

Comment cela fonctionne-t-il ? Pour créer un lien de téléchargement, sélectionnez n’importe quel fichier, activez le « téléchargement de fichiers », puis choisissez « Dépôt de fichiers (téléchargement uniquement) ». Lorsqu’il est configuré, il masque tous les autres contenus existants du dossier au destinataire du partage, ce qui permet...

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500+ users at non-profit organization Sea-Watch use Nextcloud for confidentiality of data

Can Nextcloud support a team at sea? 🌊 The answer is yes! In this blog, we describe the use case of the non-profit organization Sea-Watch and why a data sovereign collaboration platform is indispensable to their work. About Sea-Watch NGO Sea-Watch is a non-profit initiative...

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All you need to know about facial recognition technology and the Nextcloud Recognize app!

Face recognition often gets a bad rap, as it’s associated with privacy infringements. However, Nextcloud software engineer Marcel Klehr would argue that the issue isn’t the technology itself, but how it’s used. To understand his thoughts, let’s first dive into how computers recognize faces. How...

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NYT reports: Google offers no recourse for mistakenly blocked accounts

The possibility of your Google account being blocked forever? It’s more likely than it may seem. And Google will do nothing about it. The story of 2 mistakenly blocked Google accounts As seen in the New York Times article, two individuals from California and Texas...

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Nextcloud Open Source school in Denmark

Schools in Denmark look toward open-source solutions after DPA bans Google Chromebooks

In the school district or municipality of Helsingør in Denmark, a conflict has arisen over the continuous use of Google Chromebooks despite the ban by the Danish Data Protection Agency (DPA).

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Keep your data safe graphic

5 More Things to Keep your Data Safe

Nextcloud has important security features you should know about! Today's blog highlights five Nextcloud features that provide the utmost security.

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5 Unique Security Features by Nextcloud

You love Nextcloud because it allows you to keep your data secure and under your control. When it comes to protecting your data, we want to be your #1 trusted technology and provide you with state-of-the-art, industry leading tools that go beyond today’s technology standards....

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EU cloud providers subject to lock-in with Microsoft due to new strategy

Fair competition is essential to a healthy business ecosystem, yet tech giants seem to believe they can work around it using their market dominance and various anti-competitive activities. Microsoft tries to lock-in EU CSPs 3 weeks ago, Microsoft announced a new strategy shift with the...

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