The Republic of Serbia deploys Nextcloud for compliant, on-premises collaboration

The Republic of Serbia’s National Assembly is the highest representative body holding constitutional and legislative power in Serbia. Made up of 250 deputies, they elect government leaders, adopt and amend the Constitution, and appoint state officials. Due to the nature of their work, it’s fundamental to utilize a secure and compliant platform that they can trust and rely on.

In this summary of our newest government case study, follow along and discover the Republic of Serbia’s unique challenges, how Nextcloud was implemented, and ultimately how our solution fits the needs for its legislators and their data.

Serbian government

The challenge

The Serbian government believes digitalization is expected to bring many benefits to the general public, civil sector and government institutions. Through its national digitalization project, they intend to promote digitization of state and civil institutions. One way to achieve this is through implementing a more innovative IT solution for its government.

In the past, the Serbian government relied on a VPN and SMB (Server Message Block) for
accessing and sharing files. However, it wasn’t user friendly and there were often issues that arose
that wasted IT staff resources. It was time to look for a solution.

Requirements for the project

  • All data kept in Serbia
  • Compliant with data privacy laws
  • Supports large files
  • Meets reliability and performance standards
  • Supports mobile clients
  • Integrate with Serbia’s national digitalization project

Choosing a new solution

IT company NETcom System d.o.o. worked closely with the National Assembly’s Operations, Communication and IT sectors to find a new solution. They proposed Nextcloud because of its ability to run your own server on-premises, enable secure document sharing, and facilitate team collaboration.

“Data security is paramount when choosing software solutions that our institution needs.”

Dario Kukolj, Head of Operations and Technical
Affairs and Information Technology Sector

A digitally sovereign state

With the implementation of Nextcloud, the Serbian government regained control over their data and achieved digital sovereignty. The National Assembly leaders can now collaborate on projects easily and rely on everything they need in one place. They can also benefit from secure sharing of documents to external parties and be reassured by overall increased security.

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