Nextcloud 9 Available, Enterprise Functionality to be Open Source


Welcome to Nextcloud 9!

Well ahead of the early July promise, today Nextcloud makes available Nextcloud 9. With this release we also announce to release all enterprise functionality as open source. Building on top of the open source ownCloud core and adding functionality and fixes, this release provides a solid base for users to migrate to. All enterprise functionality users and customers need will be made available over the coming weeks, fully developed in the open and under the AGPL license.

Added functionality

This release introduces write-only upload to Nextcloud. Anonymous users can upload files in such a folder without being able to see or download other files already uploaded while the owner of the folder gets the usual notification and can see all files which have been uploaded. This offers a fast and secure way to let multiple customers or friends share files with you in a single shared folder.

Upload-only share

Upload-only share

Second, enterprise users will appreciate that this release introduces enterprise grade logging for activities like file sharing, updates, user logins and more. This enables admins to generate compliance reports or auditing information and they can feed the logs in enterprise tools and solutions like Splunk.

Hardening and stability

Besides these popular features we made a number of improvements to the security of the code base, hardening it against potential attacks, and fixed a number of bugs, making sure an upgrade doesn’t leave the installation in a broken state.


Accompanying this release is our Android app which you can get for free in the Google Play store and the F-Droid store. We will soon release information about an app for iOS users and users can continue their existing desktop syncing app.

Android Instant Upload

Android Instant Upload

Enterprise support

As of today, Nextcloud GmbH offers an enterprise subscription providing support for Nextcloud 9. Enterprises and organizations needing the certainty of support by qualified engineers can contact us using the form on our website.

Following the successful business model of Red Hat, we are confident our support offering is compelling enough to sustain and grow our business. Over the coming weeks, Nextcloud will develop and release the enterprise functionality customers are used to, fulfilling our promise of a drop-in replacement. This will be done transparently in our GitHub repository, under the AGPL license and we invite customers, partners and other users to participate in the development.

Upcoming enterprise features

Features we will make available the coming weeks will include Shibboleth authentication which is greatly sought after by universities, Windows Network Drive storage integration crucial for many businesses, retention handling and fine grained file access control capabilities which make Nextcloud the premier choice in compliance-driven environments.

Upgrade now!

You can download Nextcloud 9 from our installation page and get these features and enhancements today. Upgrading is painless and easy as described in our documentation.