How Nextcloud protects confidential data for Amnesty International Spain

In this comprehensive case study, discover how Amnesty International Spain uses Nextcloud to protect its confidential data!

Amnesty International Spain

Amnesty International Spain is the Spanish sector of Amnesty International – the global movement of over 10 million members, activists and supporters. In Spain, the organization has more than 100,000 partners, over 2,300 activists and 80 employees. With such an impactful global reach, there’s hundreds of projects, campaigns and events that need to be managed and organized. In addition, in order to protect activists and their campaigns, a high level of confidentiality and security is necessary.

Amnesty International

The Nextcloud solution

For a long time, Amnesty International Spain’s IT systems didn’t match their unique needs. They couldn’t share large files to external personnel, access files from home or on mobile devices, or collaborate together. They needed a new solution.

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Once they implemented Nextcloud, they could enjoy independence, or what we call digital sovereignty: when you are in full control of your digital destiny. In this way, their team was able to host their servers at home, giving them full independence, flexibility and control over their data.

„We love the independence Nextcloud Hub gives. We have the
opportunity to choose.“

Carlos Lopez Belenguer, IT Manager at Amnesty International Spain

Key advantages of Nextcloud for Amnesty

Amnesty International Spain was able to improve its IT systems, security, team management, collaboration and work flows. Here’s just a few advantages:

  • Secure file sharing of any size or format
  • Convenient file storage
  • Advanced, comprehensive functionality
  • Efficient collaboration

Read the full story in the case study, which goes into detail about the specific challenges they faced, the technical implementation process of Nextcloud, key findings, the final results, their future outlook and more. Download today!

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Discover the story of Amnesty International Spain in the full case study