A fireside chat with Nextcloud founder Frank Karlitschek

Mai 30, 2024

Brent Gervais

From Nextcloud’s inception Frank hoped to change the world, and today it’s clear Nextcloud’s original big ambition to be a private and open source alternative to Big Tech has achieved this goal.

Frank provides some insights and updates into Nextcloud’s anti-trust case against Microsoft’s monopolous cloud practices. He also shares how the introduction of Artificial Intelligence evolved from a perceived crushing blow for open source projects like Nextcloud, to a clear opportunity to grow the Nextcloud community’s vision and ambition for the project.

Throughout the conversation we learn a little more about Frank’s personal adventures as a long-time open source contributor to projects like KDE, his passion for travel photography as a means of deeply connecting with people of all walks of life, and his belief that privacy in today’s world is deeply important and yet vastly under-appreciated.

A thank you to Jupiter Broadcasting for the collaboration on this episode, where Frank and Brent’s conversation originally appeared in part on LINUX Unplugged and here today in full.

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