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Secure your file exchange with Nextcloud

Join us in this webinar about Nextcloud files and security!


Optimierte Zusammenarbeit mit Nextcloud: Webinar für Regierungsorganisationen

Sehen Sie sich die Aufzeichnung dieses Webinars für Regierungsorganisationen an. Regierungen wenden sich von ausländischen Cloud-Anbietern ab, weil sie sich zunehmend Sorgen um die digitale Souveränität machen. In dieser sich wandelnden Landschaft hat sich Nextcloud als führende Self-Hosted Private Cloud-Lösung für Regierungsorganisationen etabliert. Mit seinen starken Sicherheits- und Datenschutzfunktionen, der anpassbaren Benutzeroberfläche und den flexiblen […]

Webinar: Overview of Nextcloud Hub 5, the self-hosted AI-powered digital workspace

Webinar recording: Nextcloud Hub 5, the self-hosted AI-powered digital workspace

In this session, we will explore Nextcloud Hub 5, enabling organizations to take control of their data and leverage the power of artificial intelligence to enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and drive productivity.


How to implement Digital Sovereignty with Nextcloud

In this webinar recording the city of Cologne will provide insights into Nextcloud's role in promoting digital sovereignty and its potential to transform workplace architecture.


Nextcloud for Education sector

About this webinar recording If you’re looking to enhance your educational experience, the webinar on Nextcloud for Education is a must-watch. Nextcloud offers a powerful and secure platform that enables seamless collaboration, file sharing, and communication among educators, students, and administrators. By attending this webinar, you’ll gain valuable insights into how Nextcloud can revolutionize your […]


Nextcloud as a secure on-premises solution for storing sensitive information

Sensitive data refers to confidential information that must be safeguarded and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. In light of this, Nextcloud provides an on-premises solution that empowers customers to take charge of their data in a literal and direct manner. Instead of floating somewhere in the cloud, your data resides in your data center, on a […]


Overview of Nextcloud Groupware and Office

This exciting session is the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to explore the Nextcloud Office & Groupware features and capabilities. In this webinar recording, you will have the chance to learn about Nextcloud’s enhanced security measures, including end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication, which help safeguard sensitive data and protect against cyberattacks. Moreover, you’ll discover […]


Overview of Nextcloud Hub 4!

Nextcloud Hub 4 integrates intelligent, ethical AI features that are designed to eliminate issues like data leakage, high CO2 footprint, and discrimination, making it a unique and responsible choice for businesses. By watching this webinar, professionals can discover how Nextcloud Hub 4 can transform the way they work and collaborate and how its security and […]


Migrating from SharePoint to Nextcloud

In this webinar recording we will provide a detailed analysis of the significance of understanding your current SharePoint usage and how to map it to Nextcloud concepts before transferring your data.


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