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Sendent for Outlook

Marzo 15, 2022


About Sendent for Outlook

Sendent offers a host of powerful solutions for Outlook users, allowing them to easily integrate Nextcloud into their workflow for secure and easy sharing of any files with Nextcloud links. Thanks to the user-friendly setup, administrators and users can get started with Sendent for Outlook in just a few clicks, avoiding any learning and training. That makes the add-in a handy addition for teams leveraging multi-app environments.

With this Outlook add-in, you can:

  • Convert email attachments into Nextcloud links for easy sharing.
  • Insert upload links directly into emails, enabling recipients to upload files with ease.
  • Add passwords and expiration dates to links for added security, with the option of customizing password and expiration settings.

Fill in now the form to download data sheet and read more about all the benefits of the Outlook add-in.

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