Nextcloud Conference 2020

Virtual space@#HomeOffice

October 1-2, Berlin

Annually bringing the global Nextcloud Contributor Community together for a week of coding, design, discussion, talks & fun.

Join from wherever you are – the event took place as a live online event space 🛰👾

Watch the videos of the conference on Youtube!

Watch the videos of the 2020 conference

As 2020 is the year of working from home, our theme this year was #HomeOffice

Everyone who has signed up will get information on how to participate. 👾 If you don’t sign up you can follow the live 🛰 stream but you won’t have an account that allows you to interact with other participants!

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Our official Nextcloud conference 2020 hashtag is #nextcloudconf2020 – let’s connect! 

Online event

Due to the current 😷 crisis, the conference will be a bit different this year. We want to facilitate the same sharing of ideas and collaboration as we always do, in a remote-friendly way. Our plan is as follows:

  • Participants 👾 get an account on the Nextcloud conference server 👤
  • You participate through a live 🛰 Talk 📽 🗒️ video and text chat
  • Every talk is followed by a live 🛰 Q&A ❓ session
  • Your questions guide our live 🛰 interviews 🎤 with speakers and sponsors
  • Ask questions at our live 🛰 🗣️ virtual booths
  • We stream live 🛰 pictures 📷 a live blog and social media using #nextcloudconf2020
  • Team chats 👥, live 🛰 workshops and much more!
  • Join our PARTY 🎉 – a relaxed, casual chat about the meaning of live 🤖 (42)

This year our theme and inspiration is working from home – at your home office! Below a nice video explaining why #Nextcloud is awesome for #homeoffice.

Program overview

October 3
October 4
October 5
October 6
October 7
October 8
October 9
10:00 – Keynote
11:00 – Talks
13:00 – lunch/break/interviews
14:30 – lightning talks
16:00 – workshops
19:00 – 🎉 Party time
10:00 – Keynote
11:00 – Talks
13:00 – lunch/break/interviews
14:30 – lightning talks
16:00 – workshops
19:00 – 🎉 Party time
break day! 🛰👾 Hackweek 🛰👾 Hackweek 🛰👾 Hackweek 🛰👾 Hackweek


During the hackweek we collaborate on Nextcloud improvements in design, functionality, stability, performance and features. We share code, thoughts, inspiration, beer and knowledge, working in areas like:

  • Coding (PHP, JS, C++, Objective-C, Java)
  • Design & Front-end
  • Testing
  • Translation & Documentation

Read our blog on the Nextcloud Conference 2018 to get a feeling of the event. We will try to reproduce this online – having multiple rooms around various subjects, regular calls and workshops.

Talks & Workshops

In the weekend of October 3 and 4 we have a program with talks and workshops to provide a chance to learn and improve coding skills on and around Nextcloud. For example:

  • Write your first nextcloud app
  • Intro to the Android app dev process, why you should join the design team and how we do performance testing
  • Status updates on the Calendar, Theming and iOS apps


Check out the full program!

Watch the videos


The event is made possible thanks to the financial and practical support of Nextcloud GmbH.

Contact us if you’d also like to contribute as partner!


We will have a small, invite-only in-person coordination and recording team at bUm, but for 99% of the participants the event is on-line. Just register and you will get an account to participate with!

The Nextcloud Conference 2019 brought 250 Nextclouders to Berlin. Read our blog to learn more and watch the talks on our youtube channel.

Questions, suggestions?

Ask! And tell others you will join the conference! Our official hashtag for this conference is #homeoffice – often combined with #nextcloud of course. Find us on Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Find some promo materials here.