Meet bloosite, our security oriented, Swiss-based partner!

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Meet bloosite

bloosite helps SMEs keep up with rapidly changing markets by providing convenient IT solutions to suit their evolving business models. Companies benefit from a ready-to-use package with a usage-dependent pricing model as well as from a sound knowledge in IT-security. The innovative Swiss company’s comprehensive offering is available for local installation at a customer data center or in highly secured Swiss data centers managed by bloosite.

Security oriented

As a Swiss-based company bloosite offers good local services in regards to disaster recovery, language and ability to visit their customers, especially because they work with resellers which offer services of bloosite together.

Small providers often don’t have the expertise to build private clouds. bloosite has the ability to do that with their internal data center architecture experience.
Caring deeply about their customers’ data privacy, bloosite delivers full Nextcloud Enterprise support to companies with a strong security focus, be it a large corporate or even a single user business.

When there is a security issue or update, bloosite can very quickly update customer systems due to their powerful incident response framework with Nextcloud integration and other security capabilities on top, integrated with their authentication platform.
Essentially, it serves as a remote patch platform. For example:

  • If you run Chrome on your laptop and you have bloosite lifecycle installed, it will detect if a security flaw was found and it will help you update and track when or how this was done.
  • The same feature is available for a Nextcloud appliance build by bloosite – the solution will update Nextcloud and the installed modules with the new security fixes or new versions. This capability can be integrated into the bloosite data center or on-premises hosted by the customer.

bloosite also offers their own Managed Backup Service, a blooSafe, that has a tape option and writes high sensitive data to tapes, which are owned by the customers. A tape can’t be destroyed easily by malware or targeted attacks as it is offline, therefore there is always a disaster backup solution for an incident, no matter what.