Quick patch for Hub 7 is available

We recommend you to update to 28.0.1 for a smoother Hub 7 experience!

This patch fixes several small issues submitted by users to bring you a smoother user experience in no time without waiting for 2024. There is no security or stability impact, but we still recommend you to upgrade as it is a quick and easy process.

Minor Nextcloud updates released

Why update your Hub 7

We have released a quick patch 28.0.1 to deliver even better Hub 7 experience. The update addresses various bugs and and enhances performance, user experience, administration, and accessibility.

For more details, find in the full changelog on our website. Here’s a summarized overview of the key changes:

Feature updates:

  • User status automatically changes to ‘In a meeting’ based on Calendar availability.
  • New out-of-office status preset with a new emoji.
  • Batch support for copying and moving files.
  • OCC commands for admin delegation in settings.

Performance Boosts:

  • Utilizing FileInfo’s metadata for hidden properties.
  • Avoiding unnecessary queries for metadata props.
  • Several other performance-related changes.

Accessibility Improvements:

  • Global accessibility switch.
  • Various accessibility fixes and enhancements, such as Unified Search headings, main page heading setting, and toggleable ARIA label.
  • Improved color contrast on the dashboard widgets and login form.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes for issues related to downloading files, encoded sources, navigation, and drag handlers.
  • Regression fixes for files and copy-move batch support.
  • Several bug fixes, including one related to out-of-office event time drifts in CalDAV.


  • CA certificate bundle update.
  • Legacy file_metadata table migrations commented to address technical debt.
  • Prevention of floating-point value truncation when setting user quota with non-English local number schema.
  • Dependency updates, including the bumping of @nextcloud/upload to version 1.0.4.

New to Hub 7? Time to try!

Watch our Hub 7 launch video!

Our latest release contributes to even more connected, efficient, and productive collaboration. With features like Unified Search and global out-of-office message, we made Hub 7 our most integrated platform yet. Talk, Files, Groupware, Mail, and all other apps became even more intuitive and rich in functionality.

Read our release blog for more details, or upgrade today to try all the new features yourself.

Why keep your server up-to-date

Minor Nextcloud releases and patches bring fixes to the most common problems and improve platform security. Thoroughly tested, they are designed to be effortless and always keep user data safe in process.

We highly recommend upgrading to Nextcloud Enterprise if your organization relies critically on data security and stability. Not because Nextcloud is not reliable as it is, but because a dedicated team will be there for you to provide insurance and confidence 24/7. On top of that, enjoy infinite assisted scaling, enterprise apps, and certified compliance.