Nextcloud One, a fully managed service hosted in Germany

Enterprise-grade technology accessible to all 

Small and medium-sized companies and professional practices like lawyers, notaries and doctors encounter common hurdles when adopting cloud solutions. Their industries are often heavily regulated, requiring strict privacy and security measures. Public cloud solutions from foreign big tech firms are not a great fit. But deploying, managing and maintaining a private cloud infrastructure is challenging for small organizations. This means they often face a choice between digital sovereignty or fully benefiting from what cloud technology can do for them.

This is where Nextcloud One comes in. Provided by Nextcloud partner epiKshare, Nextcloud One is a fully managed, secure and compliant cloud solution hosted in Germany.

About Nextcloud One

Nextcloud One enables small organizations to establish a secure and compliant cloud-based collaboration platform, overcoming resource and infrastructure limitations. It is a fully managed cloud solution designed to meet the dynamic needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

The current offering includes a file sync and share service with an advanced set of access management instruments, customizable options and accessibility across both mobile and desktop platforms. Supported by a range of privacy controls and data auditing tools, it is hosted in a datacenter compliant with rigorous global data protection standards, including GDPR and ISO27001.

Nextcloud file sync and share system

Nextcloud One is hosted in Germany by our partner epiKshare. By offloading the management responsibilities to epiKshare, you can use all the benefits of Nextcloud Hub without any infrastructure investment. This setup is ideal for organizations with limited IT resources, as it provides them with a professional, ready-to-use Nextcloud environment without the usual overhead.

What you get with Nextcloud One

Robust online file management

Manage your documents and media in a singular environment with advanced file versioning, intuitive folder management and enhanced file picker tools.

Secure and flexible sharing

Use flexible access permissions when sharing internally and externally. Protect links with passwords and limited expiration dates. Share files via QR codes. Enable incoming shares with File Drop.

Access from anywhere, anytime

Work with a modern, user-friendly web interface. Synchronize and manage files from all your devices with desktop and mobile apps.

Customization and branding

Customize your platform’s appearance and apply your branding to ensure full alignment with your corporate identity in both internal and external communication.

Regular backups and enforced data integrity

Nextcloud One runs daily backups of your data and keeps backup copies for up to 30 days, ensuring data integrity under all circumstances.

Why Nextcloud One?

Hosting with a top-tier privacy standard

Nextcloud One is strategically hosted in Germany, providing an unmatched standard for data privacy and security and ensuring strict GDPR compliance enforced by German law.

A cloud with you in the driver’s seat

Nextcloud One allows you to manage data flow across servers with policy-based file management and the ability to restrict, transform, delete, or preserve data in alignment with your business protocols.

Dedicated support when you need it

Nextcloud One support team is available 24/7 to provide dedicated customer service should you need assistance with setting up or managing your platform.

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Expanding into an ecosystem of apps

The current Nextcloud One offering provides the robust file management and sharing capabilities of Nextcloud Hub. Working closely with epiKshare, we plan to expand the platform and add more apps, such as Nextcloud Office and Nextcloud Talk, in the near future.

Nextcloud Office

Nextcloud Office is a set of collaborative apps for browsing, editing and collaborating on documents and data. It includes applications for working with office documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and Nextcloud native apps like Text, Tables and Collectives.

Nextcloud Groupware

Nextcloud Groupware offers easy-to-use web mail, calendaring and contacts that helps your team get things done quicker and easier, integrated with Nextcloud Files.


Nextcloud Talk

Nextcloud Talk is a powerful chat and conferencing platform to streamline instant communication, organize video and audio meetings, run webinars and online events.

Nextcloud Talk in Hub 7

At epiKshare, we aim to continuously improve the capabilities of Nextcloud One and make the full Nextcloud Hub experience accessible to all types of users and organizations. This is our commitment to ensure our users have access to the very best tools and technologies to drive their business forward.

Christian Ruoff, co-founder of epiKshare

A blueprint for managed Nextcloud services

Launching Nextcloud One, we aim to demonstrate that Nextcloud Hub is not only a viable option for large organizations. It has a potential to offer significant freedom and flexibility to smaller organizations and teams.

Nextcloud One makes enterprise-grade technology accessible to all, ensuring that SMEs and smaller organizations can compete and collaborate on a global scale without the burden of managing their cloud infrastructure.

We believe that Nextcloud One can serve as a blueprint for local hosting providers worldwide to launch custom managed Nextcloud offerings, providing a solid alternative to consumer-grade public cloud services.

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