Nextcloud 13.0.3 and 12.0.8 available

Today we announce it is time to upgrade your Nextcloud servers: we have made minor updates with bug- and security fixes available. Customers can rely on the stand-by upgrade support from Nextcloud GmbH if needed.

This release comes with changes as part of our GDPR Compliance Kit which we announced last week, allowing you to link to an Imprint and Privacy Policy on the login page. Learn more about GDPR compliance in Nextcloud on

This has been a busy week with updates. Consider it a birthday gift from your Nextcloud friends! Monday, we announced a major iOS client update and yesterday, Talk updates for Android and iOS made chat available on those platforms.

And not to forget: on Tuesday we opened registration and Call for Proposals for the Nextcloud Conference, which will take place the last week of August in Berlin!

Stay safe, UPGRADE!

Time to upgrade to 13!

If you have not yet migrated to Nextcloud 13, consider doing so! The release has proven to be extremely stable.

Of course, if you are maintaining a mission-critical Nextcloud system for your enterprise, it is still highly recommended that you get yourself some insurance (and job security… who gets blamed if the file handling system isn’t working as expected?). A hotline to the core Nextcloud developers is the best guarantee for reliable service for your users.

Our Android and iOS apps for Talk introduced chat yesterday!

What is new?

Nextcloud 13.0.3 and 12.0.8 follow our usual schedule of bi-monthly releases, bringing a series of minor improvements to our stable releases. Note that Nextcloud 11 is no longer maintained publicly and if you are still on that release, you should upgrade to Nextcloud 12 or get access to security updates through a Nextcloud Subscription.

As always: don’t wait too long with upgrading! While we warn our customers in advance of upcoming maintenance releases and any security consequences they have to be aware off, a swift update is important for every user. Remember:

Privacy does not exist without security

This release comes with a little over 50 fixes and minor improvements, including:

  • IPv6 database host support
  • Improved OAuth compatibility
  • Improved logging
  • Better lock handling
  • Improved Workflow error handling
  • Support adding links to privacy policy and imprint
  • And more as always!
On Monday our iOS app introduced iOS Files integration.

When will the updater warn me?

We will make these upgrades available in the coming days through the built in updater. As you are probably aware, we do staged roll-out to ensure we can catch issues before they affect everybody so it can take a bit longer for some systems than for others.

Why upgrade? Security and stability!

Our strategy is: big changes come in major releases. Minor releases are security and functionality bug fixes, not rewrites of major sub systems that risk user data! We also do extensive testing, both in our code base and by upgrading a series of real-world systems to the test versions. This ensures that upgrades to minor releases are painless and reliable. As the updates not only fix feature issues but also security problems, it is a bad idea to not upgrade!

This is, of course, also true for apps: keeping them updated has security benefits, besides the new features and other bug fixes.

If you are worried about the updates because you run a big, complex and important enterprise service, we can help. Nextcloud GmbH offers stand-by upgrade support to our customers, virtually guaranteeing a smooth process. This is one way in which we help our customers to keep their file sync and share systems functioning in optimal condition!