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MagentaCLOUD feature image

How T-Systems migrated millions of MagentaCLOUD users to Nextcloud

MagentaCLOUD’s migration to Nextcloud in 2021 resulted in a fully equipped Online Storage with an integrated online office suite that further improves the user experience, flexibility and security for customers.

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Amnesty International Spain

Comment Nextcloud protège les données confidentielles d’Amnesty International Espagne

Découvrez comment Amnesty International Espagne utilise Nextcloud pour protéger ses données. Téléchargez l'étude de cas maintenant !

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Serbian government

The Republic of Serbia deploys Nextcloud for compliant, on-premises collaboration

Discover how the Republic of Serbia deployed Nextcloud for its 250 National Assembly deputies for secure and compliant collaboration.

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Archdiocese of Cologne

Archdiocese of Cologne: More than 4,400 users collaborate on Nextcloud Hub

Learn how the Archdiocese of Cologne, Germany enables collaboration for more than 4,400 users with Nextcloud Hub

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Sorbonne University French

Sorbonne Université met en place une solution sur site avec Nextcloud

Découvrez comment l'Université a pu atteindre la souveraineté numérique pour ses données et comptes d'utilisateurs.

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Dutch hospital ZGT achieves digital sovereignty with Nextcloud

ZGT hospital in the Netherlands aims to keep their data secure, on-premises, and compliant with Nextcloud.

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Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning chooses Nextcloud

The Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, Boverket, will be using a private packaged cloud service consisting of Nextcloud Hub for its 270 employees.

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GDPR compliant collaboration coming to 750K students, teachers and researchers in Sweden

European researchers are up to date with modern cloud storage solutions, however struggle to find one that is safe, secure, and that meets compliance standards. SUNET, a Swedish company, found a solution to providing a GDPR compliant service through their provider Safespring. Today, we can...

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Stadtsparkasse Munich facilitates customer data exchange with Nextcloud by HKN

As one of the oldest banks in Germany, Stadtsparkasse Munich has gone through many groundbreaking changes since its founding in 1824. From introducing cashless payment transactions in 1899, to converting to a computerized electronic data processing system between 1968 and 1971, they have always put...

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