The perfect integration of Nextcloud in HCL Notes (formerly IBM Notes or Lotus Notes)

For users who use Outlook as their mail client, the Nextcloud Add-in provides a convenient tool that makes it easy for users to make files available via Nextcloud and send only the URL to these files to the mail recipients. But what if you use HCL Notes (formerly IBM Notes or Lotus Notes)?

Integration available!

This gap is filled by the «Simplex Nextcloud Connector» from Werner Götz IT Solutions, where they have 25 years of experience in the development of Notes solutions. The Simplex Nextcloud Connector provides about the same features as the Outlook Add-in mentioned above: The user can select files in a dialog, which are then automatically uploaded to the Nextcloud.

Furthermore, a special upload folder can also be created here, through which the recipients of mails can later upload files, e.g. send a confidential offer to the sender. A corresponding text with the URL(s) is created in the Windows clipboard and inserted into the mail.

The solutions are available in German and English language and the videos show the simple use of the Simplex Nextcloud Connector:

The use of Simplex Nextcloud Connector

The Simplex Nextcloud Connector can also be used in other Notes applications for easy uploading of files and subsequent storage of the corresponding URL in a field of a Notes form.

When uploading files, a password can also be stored, so that people who read the mail without permission still cannot access the files, as long as the password is transferred via another «channel», for example, phone.

With the «Simplex Nextcloud API» the producer also addresses Notes developers who need Nextcloud functionalities in their projects and don’t want to learn the rest of various Nextcloud API functions themselves, which is sometimes very «tricky» under Notes: Upload, share, download or delete files as well as create, share or delete folders, retrieve folder contents and adjust sharing properties.

With the Simplex Nextcloud API, the developer under Lotusscript calls the appropriate routine from the API for each of these problems, and this routine takes care of the rest. This way, problems can be solved in a matter of minutes.

And for interested customers, the developer gives the opportunity to evaluate the solution before buying it.

For the evaluation version, contact the developer Werner Götz IT Solutions on the Website or on