Nextcloud Podcast N. 17: Insights from CEO and Founder Frank Karlitschek

Every new year marks the time for reflection and change. By waving goodbye to 2022, we also said hello to the revamp of the Nextcloud Podcast.

Starting this January 2023, we have a brand new host from our very own team – Marius Quabeck! Marius is Nextcloud’s Video and Audio Producer, plus a blogger, YouTuber and streamer which makes him an excellent fit for this year’s podcast series.

«I am thrilled to take on the role of host for this podcast and bring you a year of engaging content around Nextcloud and Open Source. With 12 shows planned this year, we’ll have expert interviews and interesting conversations. A big thank you to Ingo Ebel, who has been the host since the first episode and for building this podcast.»

Marius Quabeck, Video and Audio Producer at Nextcloud

Every month you can expect a new podcast episode ranging from the latest in technology, news and trends to expert interviews and big name guests.

To kick off this year, we bring you Nextcloud Podcast N. 17: A year in review with Nextcloud’s CEO and founder Frank Karlitschek.

Nextcloud had a busy year to say the least. From events like the Nextcloud Conference to the Nextcloud Hub 3 release and more, 2022 holds many milestones and experiences for our users. In this exciting new episode, Marius talks to Frank about a variety of Nextcloud topics. You can be sure to learn about:

  • Work of OpenForum Europe – An organization that promotes open-source software adoption in the EU
  • The NextGov Hackathon – About the week long hackathon and its 5 lucky winners put on by the European Commission and Nextcloud
  • The Migration feature in Nextcloud Hub which simplifies the process of moving data and settings between Nextcloud instances
  • Views on EU regulations and suitable alternatives for cloud solutions that comply with them
  • The EU Commission antitrust case against Microsoft and its potential impact on the cloud computing industry, as well as the improvements brought by the Nextcloud Office Advisory Board
  • Nextcloud Hub 3 and the Nextcloud Conference
  • The impact of recent events at Twitter and how Nextcloud Social allows users to participate in the fediverse directly from within Nextcloud

And more!

This is an engaging episode that will leave you with a better idea of what Nextcloud accomplished in 2022 and faces this year in the world of open source, an ever changing cloud computing scene, the fediverse and more.

We now invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy the podcast!

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