Nextcloud Joins Open Source Business Alliance in Germany

Started by the Linux Solutions Group e.V. and LIVE Linux-Verband e.V. in 2011, the German language focused OSB Alliance is a collaboration of IT providers who want to push Open Source Software forward. Members can network, partner, share knowledge and experience and work on new ideas together, for example in the working groups.

Nextcloud GmbH and the Open Source Business Alliance are delighted to announce today that Nextcloud has joined the ranks of organizations dedicated to pushing Open Source technology further in Germany.

Technologies like the open Federated Cloud Sharing protocol developed by Nextcloud employees for cross-cloud interoperability benefit from collaboration and partnerships, building a stronger, more open ecosystem. By joining the Open Source Business Alliance, Nextcloud GmbH will be part of a push for interoperability and open standards forward in the open cloud.

Frank blogged yesterday about the vision behind Nextcloud and working with others like Collabora, WD Labs and of course the OSB Alliance helps us realize those ambitions!