Nextcloud Trademark Guidelines

With these Guidelines, we wish to encourage widespread use of the Nextcloud trademarks by the Nextcloud community while managing that use to protect the distinctive value of the trademarks and avoid confusion on the part of Nextcloud users and the general public. The sections that follow describe the Nextcloud Marks covered by these Guidelines, as well as uses of these Marks that are allowed, uses that are not allowed, and uses that are only allowed with specific permission. See Contact Information below to request permission.

Nextcloud logo governed by this document

The Nextcloud Marks

Nextcloud and the Nextcloud Logo is a registered trademark of Nextcloud GmbH. in Germany and/or other countries.

These guidelines cover the following marks pertaining both to the product name and the logo: Nextcloud and the blue/white cloud logo with or without the word Nextcloud. This set of marks is collectively referred to as the "Nextcloud Marks."

General Guidelines for Using the Nextcloud Marks

Product Quality and Brand Perception

It is fundamentally important to us that any permitted use you make of the Nextcloud Marks be of the highest quality and integrity and meet the highest standards. To ensure this is the case, we reserve the right to revoke your permission at any time and for any reason.

Fair Use

We acknowledge and support your right to make "fair use" of the Nextcloud Marks, and do not mean to suggest with these guidelines that our permission is required in such cases. We cannot, however, tell you categorically what will and will not qualify as a "fair use."

Applying our Logo

For copies of the Nextcloud logo itself, please refer to the Press page.

Logo Usage Requirements

Do not alter the logo in any way or overlap it with additional logos or images.

The logo is light blue (#0082c9) with white text/image. It must not be used differently, especially not inverted. The name "Nextcloud" can be optionally left out though, we provide logos without the text.

The typeface of the logo (or similar ones) should not be used anywhere else. Instead use Open Sans, in light weight. Use semibold sparingly and only for selected emphasis.

Branding Guidelines

When referring to Nextcloud make sure that it is spelled correctly. Nextcloud is one word and must not be separated into two words.

Contributing to Nextcloud

We encourage everybody to contribute to Nextcloud and become part of the Nextcloud community.

If your contributions require trademark usage which is not permitted by these guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact us (see Contact us).

Use Cases for the Nextcloud Marks

Running a Nextcloud Server installation

You may use the Nextcloud Marks to identify your Nextcloud installation under the following conditions:

Note that enabling Nextcloud apps and configuration of your server are not considered changes or modifications to Nextcloud.

Distributing Nextcloud Server without modification

You can use the Nextcloud Marks to identify Nextcloud for Nextcloud Server downloads separately or as part of a Virtual Machine, docker image, installer, PHP server package or in another form as long as you have not made any modifications to Nextcloud Server itself. Modifications to the Nextcloud Server here are defined as those which would would require you to provide them in source form to any user who asks under the license of the AGPLv3.

Note that pre-configuration and enabling or pre-installing certain Nextcloud apps are not considered changes or modifications to Nextcloud. A hosting provider can provide a configured Nextcloud installation to its users as long as those can see a copyright and download notice, ideally a link to

Rather than offering Nextcloud Server unmodified, we suggest to link to our installation page to ensure users can always find the latest Nextcloud release. If you offer Nextcloud as part of a package, image or installer, please keep security issues in mind. Offering easy and convenient update capabilities will greatly benefit your users. Where possible, we suggest to make use of official Nextcloud packages or zip files and tarballs.

Distributing Nextcloud Server With Modifications

You may distribute Nextcloud Server with modifications under the terms of the AGPLv3 license. That means, generally speaking, that recipients of the code should have an easy option to receive a full copy of the code, including those modifications, under the AGPLv3 licence. A download link usually suffices.

In making such a distribution you must remove all trademark uses of the Nextcloud Marks from the version of Nextcloud you are modifying. You may, if you wish, combine your own trademark with one of the following Nextcloud Mark tag-lines: "Based on Nextcloud," "Powered by Nextcloud," "Derived from Nextcloud," "Uses Nextcloud," "Built on Nextcloud," or "Built from Nextcloud."

You generally will not need to remove or modify package headers, notes, README files, Changelogs, or other files containing uses of the Nextcloud Marks that merely describe the Nextcloud project, as long as such uses do not imply that you are formally affiliated with the Nextcloud Community.

Nextcloud mobile client

The Nextcloud mobile clients are available on the Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) app stores. If you wish to distribute the iOS or Android client modified or unmodified on these stores you can not use ANY Nextcloud Mark other than what fair use allows and you must make sure that such stores are compatible with the respective Open Source license of such Nextcloud mobile app. This means you can NOT use the term \'Nextcloud\' in the name of your app. You MUST make clear that your app is NOT the official Nextcloud client and contains modifications from the original– if any. We reserve the right to demand you take down the Nextcloud client if you violate any of these provisions.

For distributing the Nextcloud mobile clients on any other app store, please contact us.

Nextcloud desktop client

The Nextcloud desktop client is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. If you wish to distribute the desktop client modified or unmodified you can not use ANY Nextcloud Mark other than what fair use allows. This means you can NOT use the term \'Nextcloud\' in the name of your client. You MUST make clear that your client is NOT the official Nextcloud client and contains modifications from the original. To obtain permission to distribute a modified or unmodified version of the Nextcloud desktop client with use of the Nextcloud Marks, please contact us.

Linking to

You are permitted to link to from your web site. We have provided several logo graphics for you to choose from. To use these logos you must agree that:


You are welcome to make use of the Nextcloud Marks to produce merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, bags, jackets, sweatshirts, mugs, and desktop wallpapers and give them to your friends, family, community members, provided there is no commercial interest behind it. You are required to request permission if you want to commercially distribute articles using the Nextcloud Marks (see Contact Information below to request permission).

Domain Names

If you want to include all or part of an Nextcloud Mark in a domain name, you should seek our permission (see Contact Information below to request permission). People naturally associate domain names with organizations whose names sound similar. Almost any use of an Nextcloud Mark in a domain name is likely to confuse someone, thus running afoul the overarching requirement that any use of an Nextcloud Mark not be confusing. By "domain name" we mean to refer to toplevel domains and second-level domains, but not sub-domains.

Advocacy Groups

We welcome the use of the Nextcloud Marks in connection with user groups and other Nextcloud advocacy groups, but you may only do so in accordance with the following requirements:


It is permissible to use the Nextcloud Marks to promote free and open source software events where individuals in the Nextcloud Community appear as advocates, demonstrating Nextcloud, giving talks, or otherwise represent the project, provided:

Individuals can be Nextcloud contributors, members of the wider Nextcloud community, or Nextcloud users.


If you want to include all or part of an Nextcloud Mark in the name of a publication such as a book or magazine, you need our permission (see Contact Information below to request permission). But you can use the Nextcloud Mark in a title of review inside a magazine, for example, as long as you use the Marks to refer to the official Nextcloud community or products.

Apps, Product and Service Names, and Compatibility References

You should not include an Nextcloud Mark in the name of your application, product or service, regardless of whether it is commercial or non-commercial in nature. This includes online services, such as e-commerce, community, blog, informational, promotional, and personal home page sites as well as Nextcloud apps, client apps or third party apps which interact with Nextcloud.

With that said, we consider it permissible to use an Nextcloud Mark in a file, folder, directory, or path name.

We also recognize that the Nextcloud Community needs some way to identify projects, products, and services that are compatible with Nextcloud. Our concern is that users not be confused as to whether a compatible project, product, or service is official or not. To address that concern, we request that you indicate compatibility with Nextcloud using one of the following tag-lines:

Advertising and Marketing Materials

You may use the Nextcloud Marks in describing and advertising your Nextcloud-related product or services like training, development and support, on websites, marketing materials or on business cards to identify your affiliation with the Nextcloud Community, so long as:

We reserve the right to deny allowing your use of our trademark for any reason, including but not limited to a determination that your usage creates confusion for our users, damages or mis-represents our brand, is a breach of any of the stipulations above or for any other reason, at any time.

Business Names

You can not include an Nextcloud Mark in the name of your company, business or product.


We welcome comment and constructive criticism, and we try to have a good sense of humor. It is fine to use the Nextcloud Marks in your discussion, commentary, criticism, or parody, in ways that unequivocally do not imply endorsement. Please do not create mock or parody products with names based on the Nextcloud Marks. Also, please be aware that, in our opinion, it is not "fair use" to use the Nextcloud Marks in a manner that disparages Nextcloud technology or the Nextcloud Community.

All Other Uses

All other uses of the Nextcloud Marks need to be reserved by us, but we are available to discuss terms for use.

Contact Information

Please contact us if you need assistance regarding these Guidelines, e.g. for discussing your case or requesting permission, by using our contact form.

License for these Guidelines

These Guidelines are published under Version 3 of the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License, and are derived in part from the openSUSE Trademark Guidelines (April 20, 2015), which in turn is derived in part from the OpenSolaris Trademark Policy 1.0 (May 5, 2008), the Ubuntu and Mozilla Trademark guidelines.

We reserve the right to make changes to the guidelines at any time without notification. We last updated the guidelines on August 6 2018.

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