Minor release of desktop client, a recap of 2020 features and gifts for Nextcloud users!

What if we released v3.1.1 today, would it be a nice Christmas gift for you right before the holidays? 😃

We hope it will, and this makes 2 Christmas gifts under the virtual tree from Nextcloud, as we have a second one as well, if you read the last paragraph of this blog 😉

Desktop client v3.1.1

This is a minor release of the Desktop client which features minor bug fixes and improvements. Here are the most important fixes:

  • fixed missing sync in some situations after the conflict resolution dialog was used giving false positives
  • fixed a crash
  • adjusted the theming to use monochrome icons for the systray on Linux and Mac
  • fixed a bug for the autostart of people using the AppImage on Linux

As our download server tends to get flooded after client update announcements – you can enjoy faster downloads by grabbing the binaries directly from GitHub:

What 2020 brought to the Nextcloud Desktop client

  • brought Nextcloud Hub to the Desktop
  • new Menu
  • support for sharing to Circles
  • easily accessible Talk and other server apps
  • easier sharing; add a note for the recipient of a file share in the share dialog
  • action buttons on activities
  • new conflict handling dialog
  • production-ready end-to-end encryption
  • more – MSI, debugging and performance

You can read the respective announcements for all Desktop client releases here!

Thank you 🙇 to our amazing community!

A big thanks go to all the awesome members of our community that regularly help us make Nextcloud better, by translating Nextcloud to other languages or reporting and fixing issues!

If you want to help us make the Nextcloud Desktop client better learn how you can get involved!

Giftcards for Nextclud users 🎄🎅🎁

And here’s the second promised gift!

The first 100 Nextcloud users that are going to write a valid review about Nextcloud on Capterra will win a 10$ gift card and help other people as well, by sharing awareness!

Click the button below to find out more details, but it can’t get easier than that 😉