Join us at our next hackweek!

Time for another hackweek! We were really happy to meet some of you at FOSDEM, 34c3 and other events, but it has been a while since we have spent a whole week together!

The next hackweek will happen from April 9th to April 13th and we hope that a lot of Nextclouders will join us. As usual, we will meet in Stuttgart, but be careful – the location has changed. The address for this meeting is Nextcloud GmbH (LaunchSpace), Rotebühlplatz 20A, Stuttgart. Once you’re there, you can ring the bell on the first floor, or let us know you’re looking for us in our #nextcloud-stuttgart IRC channel.

What is this hackweek you speak of?

When we kicked off our new project back in June 2016, we had a week-long get-together to discuss how to move forward together. This was both fun and productive and we decided to do more of it! The second hackweek already brought a few dozen people together and we’ve been growing them ever since, getting together about once every few months. During the hackweeks, we focus on getting work done and being productive: going through issues, discussing and fixing them, working on our code and so on. It isn’t a time of meetings or presentations – but working. Just more together, rather than remote as we typically do! And even more togetherness in eating and drinking and having some fun, of course! Oh, and it is also the time we make these pretty pictures for our ever-growing team page and this time again, we have some new faces to add.

Of course there’s a bit of whiteboarding and architectural discussion. We also use our hackweek to plan for future releases or examine the state of the current one and come up with or discuss grand plans.


As usual, there’s a few topics we want to focus on during this hackweek.

As you probably know, Nextcloud 13 was officially released on February 6th, with some new major features like the integration of real-time chat and video communication in web and mobile with Nextcloud Talk and a tech preview of our unique End-to-end Encryption solution.

We are happy to say that the upgrade was very stable and reliable: Within the first week, more than 10.000 servers had already successfully upgraded to Nextcloud 13!

This time we will work on polishing the End-to-end Encryption and Nextcloud Talk. And of course, we are looking forward to start discussing with you what the next big thing will be for Nextcloud 14!

Do you want to join?

All contributors are warmly welcomed to join us and for those among you where financial issues limit travel possibilities, you should contact one of your fellow contributors who works at the company – they’ll be able to help you get some travel support!

We look forward to seeing ya’ll in Stuttgart!