German Federal Administration relies on Nextcloud as a secure file exchange solution

Nextcloud is pleased to announce that the German Federal Information Technology Center (ITZBund) has chosen Nextcloud as their solution for efficient and secure file sharing and collaboration in a public tender. Nextcloud is operated by the ITZBund, the central IT service provider of the federal government, and made available to around 300,000 users. ITZBund uses a Nextcloud Enterprise Subscription to gain access to operational, scaling and security expertise of Nextcloud GmbH as well as long-term support of the software.

IT service provider for the federal government

ITZBund is the central IT service provider of the German federal government and operates IT Services for over one million administrative and industrial users. It emerged from the merger of the Federal Agency for Information Technology (Division of the Federal Ministry of the Interior), the Federal Agency for IT Services (Division of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) and the Center for Information Processing and Information Technology (division of the Federal Ministry of Finance). ITZBund employs about 2.700 people, mostly IT specialists, engineers and network and security professionals.


Storing and exchanging documents is central to productivity in an office. Cloud services offer powerful features to sync, share and collaborate on documents, but risk losing control over data. Nextcloud solves this conundrum, giving enterprises improved productivity without the loss of control over data locality and access associated with public clouds.

Nextcloud’s deep collaboration features in action

Nextcloud offers a modern approach to collaboration that is familiar and easy to use for a new generation of employees and lets companies consolidate multiple technologies in one seamless platform. Being quick to deploy and easy to implement, it integrates deeply in existing infrastructure. This makes implementing Nextcloud the quickest way to bring data handling into compliance with various regulations like GDPR and HIPAA.

To ensure a frictionless introduction in organizations, speed up PoC’s and offer an insurance against disruptions in service for mission critical technology, enterprises have access to a Nextcloud Subscription. This certifies compliance, improves security and makes maintenance easier, resulting in improved performance, scalability and reliability as well as giving access to additional services like the Nextcloud Outlook integration, online office and consulting.

Nextcloud und ITZBund

In October 2016, ITZBund started a pilot together with Nextcloud for about 5000 users, testing the functionality and reliability of the service. After about a year, a public tender was used to select a final solution which was won by Nextcloud at the end of 2017.

Strict security requirements were crucial for choosing Nextcloud as the file sync and share solution. Another important concern was scalability both in terms of large numbers of users and extensibility with additional features, for which Nextcloud offers its powerful Apps concept (with over 100 apps available in our app store).

Nextcloud delivers some of the strongest security measures in the industry, making it the ideal solution for government agencies or companies dealing with data of private citizens.

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