Overview of Nextcloud Files

Webinar Datum

10. August 2022


Neha Mishra

We are excited to share with you the recording of our webinar on Nextcloud files, which are the some of the key featues of Nextcloud Files. This webinar was very popular and we hope that you will find it informative.

There is a lot you can do with Nextcloud files. It is the best solution for storing and sharing files, photos, and documents with team members, customers, and external partners in the most secure way. This webinar recording covers all the features of Nextcloud Files, that includes –
– Managing files in Nextcloud
– Adding file access control 
– Accessing files from various devices

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn how to get the best results by using Nextcloud as a collaboration platform! Click the registration tab to watch the recording. 

Overview of Nextcloud files

Webinar recording of Nextcloud Files

In this webinar we cover

  • An introduction to Nextcloud Hub
  • Nextcloud Files
  • Live demonstration of Nextcloud Files

Watch this webinar recording

Watch this recording to unlock the full potential of Nextcloud Hub 3 and discover the key features of Nextcloud Files.