What’s the Smart Picker? Nextcloud’s feature-full menu!

Nextcloud’s Smart Picker was introduced in our Hub 4 release, improved in Hub 5 and is now fully ready for your use!

Smart Picker

What is the Smart Picker?

The Smart Picker is a cross-application feature enabling users to use AI, enhance communication and integrate other apps more efficiently.

Use AI 🧠

Use your voice to send a message, create an image or get assistance producing text or content

Enhance Communication 🗣️

Chat with GIFs, share a location, movie, sketch and more

Integrate other apps👩‍💻

Link to Nextcloud Files, Office or a specific Deck board, card or comment

In simple terms, it’s a rich menu with many options to choose from – from AI features like image generation to linking to a Deck card in your chat.

Nextcloud smart picker AI image generation

Smarter collaboration

The Smart Picker is conveniently integrated across all your Nextcloud applications resulting in seamless collaboration. That includes Nextcloud Talk, Deck, Mail, Notes, Text, Collectives, Office and other applications. Let’s have a look at what the Smart Picker can do in a few of them.

Smart Picker in Deck

In a Deck card, you can link to a Collective page for example.

Smart Picker in Office

In Office, try out ChatGPT technology to formulate the content you need.

Smart Picker in Mail

In Mail, send an email by saying your message out loud!

How to use the Smart Picker

To activate the Smart Picker, just type a slash (/) in a Talk chat, Deck card, document, etc. and you’re instantly provided a wide selection of options. See the full list of features below!

Full list of features

  • Profile picker
  • AI image generation (stable diffusion via Replicate)
  • GIF picker (by Giphy)
  • Map location (by OpenStreetMap)
  • Link to office document section
  • Deck boards, cards and comments
  • Collective pages
  • PeerTube videos
  • Movies, series and people (by The Movie Database)
  • ChatGPT-like text generation (by OpenAI)
  • Files
  • Nextcloud Tables
  • AI speech-to-text (Whisper via Replicate)
  • Translate with Nextcloud Translate
  • Talk conversations
  • GitHub issues, pull requests and comments
  • GitHub repositories, issues and merge requests
  • AI speech-to-text (Whisper via OpenAI)
  • Text templates
Nextcloud Office document templates Hub 5
  • Pexip meetings
  • Reddit publications and subreddits
  • Draw a sketch
  • Any link

What do you think of the Smart Picker? Leave a review! 😍

We rely on you, our community, to give us helpful feedback about our new features. What makes the Smart Picker useful? What else would you like to see it do? We may just add it!

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