Use Case: SIB delivering Nextcloud to 2500 teachers and 33000 pupils in Brittany, France

SIB is a major, global public actor of digital services that supports healthcare structures and public entities in their digital transformation. They have been working on taking the information systems to the next level for the Ille-et-Vilaine department in France, including middle schools.

SIB provides infrastructures to teachers and pupils: computers, servers, hosted applications, networks and support. They wanted to modernize their former file system with new requirements :

  • Remote access
  • Multidevices compatibility (smartphones, tablets, computers…)
  • Advanced collaboration features on documents
  • Advanced sharing features
  • Share groups

We built a test version simulating the use of Nextcloud in the middle school environment. We had excellent feedback and we validated the solution.

Using Nextcloud and Collabora Online

The initial deployment is serving 5 middle schools, which is approximately 12000 users. This number will be risen to 33.000 pupils and 2.500 teachers in 57 middle schools step by step.

Students work from home, inside Nextcloud Group Folders and use Collabora Online. This way teachers don’t have the issue that they don’t have the right Microsoft Office version to read the students’ work, avoiding interoperability problems.

Teachers and directors of schools use Collabora also for sharing and collaboration for administrative tasks.

Great user feedback

Users welcomed Nextcloud and its features with great enthusiasm: they loved the remote access to documents, online collaborative edition and the user-friendliness of the solution.

Some teachers already used online hosting solutions. For them, having the same experience hosted in Britanny by a security, privacy and protection-oriented public organization was a very positive experience. For users unfamiliar with those services, offered support and personal coaching was offered during migration phases. They gained experience with Nextcloud and used it for innovative uses with their pupils during class time.

There’s more!

Read the full case study to learn more about the reasons that made SIB choose Nextcloud & Collabora for this project, their initial requirements, technical configurations and infrastructure decisions.

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