Statement: Nextcloud stands for an open and free society

At a time when people are questioning democracy, we want to publicly state our support for democratic values, diversity, openness, and fairness. The recent events in Potsdam, which remind us of a difficult time in Germany’s past, make us even more determined to encourage public participation and conversations to protect democracy.

Our commitment to democratic values

Nextcloud is committed to democracy, pluralism, and a humane society, actively supporting public sector stakeholders to strengthen democratic institutions. We believe that addressing the underlying issues inherent in fascist ideologies requires meaningful engagement and constructive dialogue. We champion the cause of peaceful, respectful coexistence, and oppose any form of exclusion or racism.

The significance of diversity and inclusion

At Nextcloud, diversity is not just a reality but a valued asset. Our commitment to inclusivity is in line with the values championed by the demonstrators. Our diverse team, representing over 22 countries, collaborates as a community that embodies a global perspective reinforcing our support for the demonstrations against exclusionary and undemocratic ideologies. We stand in solidarity with those opposing the AfD, sharing their dedication to protecting democracy and combating hatred.

Looking forward

We urge other major players in the tech industry to break their silence and join us in taking a clear stance against exclusionary ideologies. Such a stand is not only vital for the health of German and European economies but also for our society as a whole. Let´s stand together for a brighter tomorrow: Nextcloud calls on you – our partners, customers, and the tech community at large! Together, we can build a society that values openness, respect, and diversity. Every action, no matter its size, plays a crucial role in this journey. Let’s make a lasting difference in the world.