Nextcloud Enterprise day speakers: how T-Systems migrated petabytes of data to Nextcloud

Nextcloud Enterprise Day is soon here and we have an amazing lineup of speakers providing insightful talks!

One of those speakers is George Imrie from Nextcloud customer T-Systems – Deutsche Telekom’s business-customer IT affiliate. T-Systems is a digital transformation specialist, with operations in 20 countries worldwide.
In preparation for their talk at the Nextcloud Enteprise Day on June 13th, we asked them a few questions!

Could you introduce yourself and your organization?

«George Imrie, Delivery Lead and Product Manager for T-Systems Content Migration Services. T-Systems is part of Deutsche Telekom and is an international service provider for information technologies and digital transformation. Our team is a very small part of T-Systems based in Glasgow, Scotland and specialising in content transformation and migration. We have a software suite (called Vamosa Migration Architect) which allows large volumes of structured and unstructured data to be transformed and moved between one platform and another.»

Why did you choose Nextcloud at your organization?

«Deutsche Telekom chose Nextcloud’s Open Source software for their MagentaCLOUD file sharing platform and commissioned us to migrate all data in MagentaCLOUD from the legacy platform to Nextcloud.»

What is the key point you want to explain during the Enterprise Day?

«We will give an overview of how our Migration Architect software helped Deutsche Telekom with their MagentaCLOUD migration, as an example of how petabytes of data from another platform can be moved into a Nextcloud based collaboration platform, in a flexible way.»

Answers are from George Imrie, Delivery Lead and Product Manager, T-Systems Content Migration Services.

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