Nextcloud Launches First Native Integrated End-to-end Encryption in Enterprise File Sync and Share Solution

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27 septiembre 2017


Jos Poortvliet

September 27, Stuttgart. Nextcloud GmbH, the globally leading supplier of open source enterprise sync, share and communication technology, announces the availability of a preview of Nextcloud server and client components offering seamless, well-integrated end-to-end encryption in the clients. The feature offers advanced key management, easy and secure end-to-end encrypted sharing, Cryptographic Identity Protection and support for enterprise capabilities like HSM support and an offline administrator recovery key.

Nextcloud is first to offer seamless, integrated end-to-end encryption in its clients as part of a complete enterprise class file sync and share solution

said Frank Karlitschek, Managing Director of Nextcloud GmbH.

Secure yet easy key handling between clients and users with enterprise key management and recovery options set this solution apart from others.

As part of an encompassing set of unique security capabilities including leading web browser protections, brute force detection and multi-factor authentication, Nextcloud 13 will feature production ready end-to-end encryption to its clients as an option for system administrators and users. The clients will offer a per-folder capability to enable local encryption whereby all files as well as their names and metadata are securely encrypted. Advanced key handling with Cryptographic Identity Protection in the form of server signed certificates facilitates easily adding new devices and secure, end-to-end encrypted sharing with other users. Nextcloud supports an optional offline administrator recovery key and allows a complete audit log. Enterprises can optionally employ a secure HSM to to issue certificates to users.

Organizations that demand the utmost security need a true enterprise solution that doesn’t require users to manually exchange encryption keys and long, complex passwords or share large, encrypted volumes

said Lukas Reschke, Security team lead at Nextcloud.

Nextcloud 13 will be first to market with an integrated, secure technology to keep a subset of highly sensitive files cryptographically secure even in the worst case of an undetected, full server breach.

The Nextcloud End to End ecryption feature is designed such that the server never has access to unencrypted files or keys, nor does server-provided code ever handle unencrypted data which could provide avenues for compromise. There is no need for user interaction or extra work and key sharing is seamlessly handled by the server, facilitating completely intuitive sharing and collaboration. The code is entirely open source and Nextcloud seeks third party review and audits as part of an extensive testing period until the Nextcloud 13 release.

Currently, the components are in preview state. Nextcloud would like to invite feedback on the design and current implementation at an early stage.

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Users can read in our release blog where to get the Android, desktop and iOS apps for testing.

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