Nextcloud podcast part II: let’s talk about design

julio 06, 2020

Marius Quabeck

podcast logo - nextcloud logo with Nextcloud Podcast written below
Welcome to our second podcast episode! In this episode we continue our conversation with Nextcloud designer, Jan-Christoph Borchardt, and turn our attention towards design. What is design and how do we handle design at Nextcloud? How to collaborate and what tools to use?

Jan answers these questions and many more, discussing the process of deciding on design changes and community building, accessibility, language support, and usability testing. But Jan also walks through what a new app developer can do to build an app for Nextcloud and how the interaction with them and the wider community and designers goes. Community events, where and how people get together to code and design Nextcloud, release planning – this podcast is 50 minutes and covers almost everything!

Find the feed on our podcast page. If you have not heard the first episode, you can find it there as well.

Enjoy, and leave us feedback below!