MagentaCLOUD + T-Systems: Building a 2.2M User Nextcloud

marzo 07, 2024

Brent Gervais

One of the most impressive Nextcloud deployments is certainly Deutsche Telekom’s MagentaCLOUD: currently serving 2.2 million active users storing 3.5 billion files, and totaling a massive 7.2 petabytes of data! This makes it among the largest Nextcloud deployments in the world.

The Nextcloud + MagentaCLOUD relationship stems from T-Systems and their very large, successful migration to Nextcloud in 2020, where the data of millions of users was migrated from their old system to Nextcloud.

Our guest today on the Nextcloud Podcast – Bernd Rederlechner, Principal Lead Cloud Architect Emerging Industries at T-Systems – tells the story of how Nextcloud became the solution of choice for migrating their collaborative cloud offering, and how every Nextcloud deployment is benefiting from the technical partnership between Nextcloud and T-Systems.

«Our relationship with Nextcloud fostered a lot of good things – I had never before a partner who, in a crisis situation, stands by your side and takes active responsibility. This makes the relationship between Nextcloud and T-Systems very special, because it’s a relationship built on trust…»

– Bernd Rederlechner

Bernd shares how Nextcloud’s open source nature was new to them and now plays critical role in Deutsche Telekom’s success with MagentaCLOUD, how the S3 drivers were improved to accommodate the requirements of their deployment, some very specific praise for Nextcloud engineers, and the potential future for this self-healing, auto-scaling, Euro-sovereign Nextcloud success.

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