Streamlining enterprise documents with Nextcloud Office

Fecha del webinar

13 marzo 2024


Fabrice Mous

Delve into the evolution and optimization of document formats in enterprises with Nextcloud and Collabora Online. Gain insights into managing document life cycles, enhancing collaboration and ensuring document integrity in a multi-platform environment.

Optimizing document management for enhanced collaboration

Streamlining enterprise documents with Nextcloud Office

Join us in this webinar where we will discuss the complexities of document formats in enterprise environments

  • Fecha: miércoles 13 marzo 2024
  • Hora: 3:00 pm (CET)
  • Duración: 60 minutos
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Your speakers

Miklos Vajna
Senior Software Engineer at Collabora Online

Miklos has been involved in open-source document editing since 2010, starting with and later as a LibreOffice developer at SUSE. Now, Miklos is a lead engineer for Collabora Online, bringing his deep knowledge of document interoperability

Team member at Nextcloud

Fabrice Mous
Marketing Manager at Nextcloud

Fabrice is a seasoned professional with a diverse background, starting at the Dutch central government in open (document) standards and open source software policy execution.

He has since evolved into a digital marketing specialist, with a deep passion for marketing automation and an affinity for unconventional strategies.

In this webinar we cover

  • Managing diverse document formats within enterprise settings
  • Strategies for seamless collaborative document creation and sharing
  • Addressing interoperability, operating systems and file formats
  • Best practices for maintaining document integrity with Nextcloud Office

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