Scaling Nextcloud for Universities

Webinar date

March 22, 2023


Fabrice Mous

Are you looking to scale Nextcloud for use in a large university environment? In this webinar recording we will share the experiences and provide insights into technical architecture, contract construct, and organizational aspects of the cloud federation.

Insights from managing 35 Instances for 50,000 users

Scaling Nextcloud for Universities

In this webinar recording we’ll cover:

  • Motivation and growth of DFN-Cloud federation
  • Technical architecture, contract construct, and organization
  • Management of 35 Nextcloud instances for over 50,000 users
  • Current technical configuration and tools used for management
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In this webinar recording we will delve into the technical architecture of the federation of the university, the contract construct and the organization, including the roles and responsibilities of those involved. We will also share the experiences and numbers on how Technische Universität Berlin manages these clouds with tools, config files and scripts.

Your speaker

Thomas Hildmann – Head of the Department of Administrative, Infrastructure, and Application Services at Technische Universität Berlin

Meet Thomas Hildmann, who share his experience in managing 35 instances of Nextcloud for over 50,000 users. Thomas specifically has extensive knowledge on how to scale Nextcloud for universities and will be sharing valuable insights in this webinar.

In his current role, he is responsible for SAP and non-SAP based applications and web-based services, databases, and IaaS. Additionally, Thomas is a lead contributor to tubCloud and DFN-Cloud services at the university.

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Watch this webinar recording

Watch this webinar recording now to learn valuable insights and gain knowledge on how to scale Nextcloud for universities in large-scale environments.

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