PHP upgrade preparation

Newer Nextcloud releases will require an updated PHP version

Update for your Nextcloud

Dear Nextcloud user,

Our update check has noticed that your server is running PHP 7.1 or older. We want to inform you that Nextcloud releases newer than version 17 will no longer support these PHP releases. It is recommended to prepare an upgrade to a newer version of PHP. We plan to maintain Nextcloud 17 publicly until shortly after Nextcloud 20 is released, which is expected for early October 2020.

Running a Nextcloud release without security and stability updates puts your data at risk.

If you are a customer and can not upgrade to a newer version of PHP between now and the end of the public Nextcloud 17 maintenance window, contact the Nextcloud support team for access to our long term support for Nextcloud 17. We are dedicated to accommodating your needs.

We strongly recommend all other users to install a newer PHP version and upgrade Nextcloud to a more recent, maintained version. Once you upgraded PHP on your server, Nextcloud will inform you about possible updates. Just go to the admin settings and check the version section.

Note: It could take up to 30 minutes until the check is executed. To force the check, switch to a different update channel, wait for the "Channel updated" message and switch back to the original channel. The available update should then be visible after a page refresh.

Kind regards,
Your dedicated Nextcloud team

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