Nextcloud Talk

Screensharing, online meetings & web conferencing without data leaks.

Meetings with colleagues, customers and partners - have a personal conversation with one click.

Keep conversations private with Nextcloud Talk.

Unique protection

Nextcloud talk protects your communication better than other team collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams or Slack, making sure your data stays on your servers.

Nextcloud Talk goes further than other encrypted communication technologies by keeping even metadata from leaking.

This ensures you stay in complete control of communications.

Regain full control over the communication in your organization right now.

SCM picture

Nextcloud Talk offering secure corporate messaging for SCM LIMITED

When SCM was looking for a simple, secure and well designed messenger platform that could be hosted on-premises, a decision was made for Nextcloud Talk. A Professional Services project from Nextcloud GmbH provided several features SCM required and today, the legal, human resource, financial and PR experts of SCM can easily communicate and collaborate during their business trips.

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Self-hosting communication simplifies compliance with national and international privacy and security regulations.
By relying on existing, vetted infrastructure, your current compliance and security processes apply to Nextcloud Talk.

GDPR apps

GDPR, CCPA and more

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) makes organizations liable for any violations of user privacy and deviations from a high data security standard.
Legislation like the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018) brings similar regulation to other countries.

Nextcloud has extensive GDPR compliance capabilities.

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ePrivacy Regulation

The upcoming EU ePrivacy Regulation is designed as a complement to the GDPR. The objective is to reinforce trust and security in the Digital Single Market by ensuring that electronic communications from Europeans are confidential regardless of the technology used. The ePrivacy Regulation protects the confidentiality of electronic communications and information on devices, independently whether it is personal or non-personal data.

Nextcloud is designed to protect the confidentiality of communications and fully prepares customers for the upcoming ePrivacy Regulation.

Why metadata and self hosting matter

Metadata, often described as everything except the content of your communications, has less legal protections but can be incredibly revealing. From a list of who somebody talks to and when, much can be inferred! The Electronic Frontier Foundation explains it well on their site.

Of course, service providers might promise not to store and track such meta data, but governments can simply force them if need be. For example, in the UK providers have been forced to record the website visits of their customers. Read about it on Techcrunch.

And that is not even mentioning the fact that even privacy-focused companies can suddenly be sold to a foreign entity. Like with the content of communication, the best way to protect metadata is to ensure it never leaks from your infrastructure in the first place.

In addition to online data storage, Nextcloud Hub (...) offers groupware components for mail, contacts and calendar. Nextcloud Talk fits in seamlessly here, so all in all the whole thing is more of an alternative to Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Key capabilities

  • Fully on-premise, 100% open source
  • Self-hosted so no leaking of metadata
  • Encrypted, peer-to-peer audio/video calls
  • WebRTC for cross-platform support
  • Powerful bridging capabilities with other platforms

  • Individual and group calls & chat
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Easy screen sharing
  • Permission management by moderators
  • Integration with Nextcloud Files and Groupware

  • Mobile calls & chat with push notifications
  • Commands to enable integration with other tools
  • Webinars & public web meetings¹ with lobby
  • SIP bridge: dial in by phone²

¹ with Nextcloud Talk High Performance Backend

² with Nextcloud Talk High Performance Backend

Starting at EUR 65 per user per year at 100 users

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Get more done
Clean interface, clean communication

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Decrease travel costs
Meet as often as you need


Build better relationships
Working together in real time

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Stay in control
End-to-end encrypted calls on your own server

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Easy to get started
Install, invite & call in with one click

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Be mobile
Mobile clients & browser support


Stay Connected
Bridge with other servers and chat networks

Designed for privacy

Nextcloud Talk is a fully self hosted, on-premises audio/video and chat communication service. It features web and mobile apps and is designed to offer the highest degree of security while being easy to use.

Nextcloud Talk lowers the barrier for communication and lets your team connect any time, any where, on any device, with each other, customers or partners.

Message status indicators show when a message is sent and received - for more privacy, users can disable this on their side.

The Nextcloud Talk High Performance Backend enables enterprise class scalability, reliability and features.

Private, group and public calls

Talk makes it easy to call customers and partners in one-to-one or group-scenarios.

Users can invite external chat participants with an URL into public rooms on the Nextcloud server.

The chat, which remains open even when the user leaves a call, enables participants to easily exchange messages, links and notes.

Configurable visibility on chats allows team members and/or guests to find and join open chat rooms.

Collaboration within Nextcloud

Documents can be shared directly into a chat from the Files app and are made available to all participants, both users and guests.

Projects integration enables linking of chat rooms with files, calendars, tasks and other resources for easy finding.

Our online office solutions provide a sidebar with Talk for chat and calls with the participants.

Drag a document into a chat and edit it with other participants during a video call

Integrated groupware, chat and project management

Nextcloud features tightly integrated chat, project management, mail, calendaring and more. Chat messages can be directly transformed into tasks, task deadlines are visible in the Calendar and files can be attached to a task from the sharing dialog.

A single platform means there is no need to juggle different accounts, keep track of where in the many cloud platforms the latest version of a document is floating around, or worry about security threats and invisible costs.

Benefits of a single platform

Nextcloud Whiteboard

One application that is very useful during audio/video calls or chat sessions is Nextcloud Whiteboard.

It is a collaborative whiteboard with the ability for all participants to draw lines and shapes, take notes and write text, upload images, give a presentation and more.

Files created with Whiteboard are saved among other regular files and can thus easily be shared.

Bridging Slack and Matrix into a room

Bridging with other networks

Nextcloud Bridging allows the connection of Talk rooms to one or more channels on other Talk servers, but also other services like IRC, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Matrix, Mattermost, XMPP and many more.

A bridge sends any messages from the third party network into the Talk room where it was configured, and any messages put in the Talk room to the bridged third party network.

Multiple networks can be bridged into a single Nextcloud Talk room, so messages can go from Slack to Teams and IRC via Nextcloud.

Connect chat rooms to files, tasks and other data using Projects
Viewing a video during a chat in Talk
Viewing a video during a chat in Talk
Editing a document during a call in Talk
Editing a document during a call in Talk

Webinars and presentations

Share the content of a single window or a full desktop screen for presentations with chat-partners.

Manage participants permissions for audio/video and screen sharing.

Schedule meetings and be notified when they start.

A lobby is provided for guests to wait until the call starts. Moderators can let a selected guest in early.

Participants can raise their hand to get attention or be allowed to speak.

Commands for productivity

Commands allows administrators to define actions users can call from a chat.

These can send their input back into the chat or kick off actions.

Commands are simple scripts, making it easy to integrate Nextcloud in business infrastructure.

Secure and private

Calls are end-to-end encrypted so no communication can be intercepted.*

Chat logs are stored securely on your own server.

The privacy of communication and its metadata is guaranteed by self-hosting Nextcloud Talk!

* Individual and group calls are 100% end to end encrypted without the High-performance Backend. When the HPB is used, all calls are routed through it. The HPB is self-hosted as well so no data leaks outside the server.

Video Verification

In situations where extreme security is warranted and the identity of a recipient has to be verified with absolute certainty before they are granted access, Nextcloud includes the industry-first implementation of Video Verification.

Video Verification enforces a Nextcloud Talk video call before access is given to a share, making sure the identity of the recipient is properly checked. The call can be picked up through the Nextcloud Talk Mobile apps as well as the web interface.

A platform you can trust

Nextcloud Talk benefits from the many security, encryption and authentication capabilities of Nextcloud.

Multi-layered encryption, brute force protection, artificial-intelligence based suspicious login detection, password-less login and the backing of our USD 10.000 security bug bounty program provide customers the confidence that their communication and collaboration remains confidential.

Security in Nextcloud


Easy for private use

Nextcloud Talk is designed for easy installation and operation. Nextcloud hosts a STUN server to facilitate usage behind firewalls and we recommend the installation of a local TURN server to improve connectivity further. Note that calls get fully routed through a TURN server, causing a lot of network traffic. Find documentation on installing a TURN server here.

The peer to peer nature of Talk does inflate network traffic, creating one incoming and sending stream per other participant. This places practical limitations on calls that depend on network capabilities. A typical private Nextcloud Talk setup should handle dozens of calls with each up to 6-10 participants, up to 20 if all participants have a good network connection and do not use video.

If you want to have a call with many people, see tips in our documentation.

Scaling in enterprise setup

To help with scaling, users can disable video. Sending audio and video, as well as the compute power required to decode the video streams on clients, are the biggest limiting factors, with most asymetric internet connections bottlenecked on upstream bandwidth and laptops and mobile devices especially having trouble decoding multiple 480P/30FPS video streams.

The High Performance Back-end offered by Nextcloud partner Struktur includes a Selective Forward Unit (SFU) which solves this bottleneck by receiving one stream from each user and forwarding it as needed. This allows scaling a single call to about 30-50 active participants, up to hundreds when doing a webinar.

Scaling further: webinars, school classes

Webinars and other large scale broadcasting type calls are possible with hundreds of participants. The High Performance Back-end setup includes special features for this.

High Performance Back-end

The HPB also lowers the load from calls on the Nextcloud server, taking care of 'signaling' and optionally enables connecting a SIP bridge so users can dial in by phone into calls.

The HPB runs on-premises, like Nextcloud itself, or through a hosted offering by Struktur AG. Customers should be aware that it has significant dedicated bandwidth and processing needs. The HPB is available through Nextcloud GmbH.

Sign up for a free 30 day test of the hosted HPB offering of Struktur AG in the Talk settings page.

Enterprise Ready

The Nextcloud Talk High Performance Backend for large organizations by Struktur AG offers the capacity, reliability and features enterprises need to conduct their business privately, securely and efficiently.

Dial-in anywhere

Let participants join through a phone line, wherever they are

No limitations

Improved connectivity behind firewalls and restrictive networks and more participants in a call

Get started quickly

Remote installation support from a certified Nextcloud engineer

The Nextcloud Talk High Performance Backend improves connection speed and reliability, decreases server load and allows more people in a call by improving network efficiency.


Nextcloud Talk Enterprise

Providing SFU, STUN, TURN, signaling and optional phone dial-in

Starting at EUR 65 per user per year at 100 users

  • EUR 5.41/USD 6.6 per user per month at 100 users
  • EUR 2.75/USD 3.33 per user per year at 500 users

(further volume discounts at larger user numbers available)

Pricing is per user. Talk offers unlimited participants per call and unlimited number of calls per user, up to the technical limitations of customer infrastructure.

Serving your needs

Nextcloud is committed to provide technology that is a perfect fit for your organization!


Nextcloud provides the highest security for protected health information.


Nextcloud has unique features for research and academic institutions.

Financial Services

Nextcloud delivers confidentiality, security and compliance.


Nextcloud offers the ultimate control to protect digital sovereignty in Government.

Global scale

Scale Nextcloud to hundreds of millions of users at commodity cost.

Media and Advertising

Nextcloud provides easy and efficient collaboration on large files.

Lawyers and Notaries

Nextcloud assures your clients that their documents stay 100% confidential.

Construction and manufacturing

Nextcloud has the easy, efficient UI engineers need to deliver on time.

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