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You run your own Nextcloud server, keeping your data in-house and under control. Nextcloud Enterprise is the solution you need. Nextcloud Enterprise is software optimized and tested for mission critical environments and gives you priority access to security and stability fixes. Nextcloud Enterprise is backed by a Nextcloud Subscription with the services and expertise needed for quick deployment and reliable service.

You will be able to contact our support team for a speedy answer to questions and fixes for problems you encounter; you can use our migration support or add additional capabilities with our Outlook add-in or Collabora or ONLYOFFICE Online Office or. Learn about what Nextcloud Enterprise offers here and see answers in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Using this form, you can order a Basic or Standard Subscription for up to 250 users. If you need more users, other options like branding or a Premium Subscription, please contact sales for a quote.

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Our Basic subscription offers email support with a 3 day response time,
Standard offers business hours phone support with a 2 day response time.

See details on pricing or ask a quote from our sales team for the premium subscription.

Optional features:

Include our Outlook add-in (€ 7.20/user)

Only with a Standard Subscription:

Include Collabora Online (€ 17/user for the first 100, € 16/user after that)
Include ONLYOFFICE (€ 935 for the first 250 users)


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