Nextcloud’s first-hand work experience: Life and X-mas in Hawaii 🌴

Edeltraut had the opportunity to work for Nextcloud from different locations and here’s the story from her current location: tuning in directly from Hawaii!

Edeltraut is our amazing Nextcloud colleague that works in Sales as Sales Coordinator and she feels absolutely blessed that she lives in Hawaii, describing the life there as: You name it, we have it here!

Supporting one another is really important, the individual success of my colleagues is a success for us all!

shared Edeltraut about her work colleagues and teamwork spirit!

How does X-mas look and feels in Hawaii with beautiful endless beaches and turquoise water, stunning mountains, waterfalls, breathtaking nature, diverse food options, and how it feels to work remotely on the other side of the globe?

This and more in the sixth Nextcloud X-mas spirit episode!

Enjoy the listening and Merry X-mas from Edeltraut in Hawaiian –  Mele Kalikimaka! ❄️

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