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Nextcloud partners up with Redpill Linpro, focusing on digital solutions and collaboration tools!

Meet Redpill Linpro The Open Source specialist and digital societies builder Redpill Linpro contributes to the sustainable development of societies by helping companies increase their competitiveness and making digital citizen-centric services even better for more people. With open source, its deep technical knowledge and extensive experience across the private and … Continued

Use Case: SIB delivering Nextcloud to 2500 teachers and 33000 pupils in Brittany, France

SIB is a major, global public actor of digital services that supports healthcare structures and public entities in their digital transformation. They have been working on taking the information systems to the next level for the Ille-et-Vilaine department in France, including middle schools. SIB provides infrastructures to teachers and pupils: … Continued

Nextcloud Files for desktop, Android and iOS introducing support for Nextcloud Hub II features and more major improvements!

At a digital event streamed worldwide, the Nextcloud team introduced the availability of Nextcloud Hub II, the third major product launch this year and the 23rd major software release. This event brings major releases for all Nextcloud clients as well! Nextcloud Hub II brings a wide range of improvements for … Continued

Chapeau: Deutsche Regierung setzt auf Open-Source-Strategie

Vor wenigen Minuten veröffentlichte die neue deutsche „Ampel-Koalition“, bestehend aus SPD, Grüne und FDP, das Resultat wochenlanger Verhandlungen: ihren Koalitionsvertrag. Eine Schlüsselkomponente dieser umfangreichen Vereinbarung ist das Versprechen, die Digitalisierung der deutschen Verwaltung voranzutreiben, insbesondere durch den Einsatz von Open Source Software und mit dem Ziel, die digitale Souveränität der … Continued

Nextcloud Files for Android 3.18 is here, bringing calendar backup, unified search, sharing improvements and over 190 fixes to the users!

Android client 3.18.0 is here! The 3.18 version of the Nextcloud Files app for Android is out, bringing new functionalities and more than 190 fixes & improvements to the users. If your phone has not updated it yet, get the updates on Google Play or F-Droid! What’s new? 📅 Calendar … Continued

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