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What and where

Be sure to have registered in advance for the conference! Pick up your wristband and some food tickets at the registration. Our venue is the "Mathematics building" of the TU Berlin, Straße des 17. Juni 136.

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"Ernst-Reuter-Platz (U)" and "Tiergarten (S)" are the closest public transport stops. Use the BVG website to plan your trip! We will put up signs outside from those places to the TU.

front door

In the building

Conference days - Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Registration opens at 9 and at 9:30 we start with opening, keynotes and lightning talks in room MA004, right in the main hall of the "Mathematiks" building. Registration is in front of the keynote room so you can't miss it! In the weekend lunch is outside at a food truck, during the week it is in the University Mensa at the top floor of the Mathematics building.

In the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday you can find the workshops on the 1st floor where we also have some food and drinks during breaks, room MA141. The hacking rooms on the 5th floor are open after lunch, too, so you won't be bored!

Find the Friday program here and the Saturday/Sunday program (still in motion) here.


During the rest of the week (Tue-Thur and Mon/Tue) we have our usual hackathon taking place on the 5th floor of the Mathematics building. This is where we are:

  • 5th floor:
    • Meeting room MA541
    • Food-and-drink room MA545
    • Hacking rooms: MA548 (starters room), MA549, MA544
  • Of course, coding has to be supported with some calories. In the same building, all the way to the top and up the stairs one more floor you will find your daily lunch (with your food ticket!) and a great view over the city in the University Math Mensa. During weekdays you can also find a cafe at the front of the Mathematics building, the Mathe cafe.

Note that carrying your wristband is mandatory, especially after 18:00 and on the weekend!

5th floor

Connectivity and power

We have wifi and the hacking rooms are equipped with a number of network cables.

At registration, you sign up for a guest account. Use the how-tos here to connect:

We have power strips in most places but they are EU plugs - do not forget your adapters!

Getting stuff done and finding who to talk to

New to Nextcloud, looking for an introduction or answers about APIs, infrastructure or a pull request?
ask your questions in the starters room MA548

If you want to make sure a certain topic is discussed, make an agreement with the relevant people and book the meeting room. Find a scheduling paper on which to do so outside of the meeting room, MA541.

If you are looking for some non-hacking entertainment in Berlin, check our forum discussion on fun stuff to do!

Food and drinks

You get a number of food tickets at badge pickup:

  • Daily lunch tickets for the mensa on the top floor of the "Mathematik" building (during the week)
  • Ticket for the social event on Saturday evening (you will get this at registration Saturday morning)
  • Ticket for Saturday and Sunday lunch (available from 13:00 to 15:00)
We always have vegetarian and meat options.

We have a wide variety of free drinks and some fruit and snacks in room MA545.

During the hackathon we have free bread with a variety of things to put on it in the drink room - make your own dinner. Restaurants can be found at Savignyplatz, a 10 minute walk from the venue.

During weekdays, there is a cafe at the entree of the "Mathematik" building.

For speakers

      1. We will record video and audio. If you are unhappy with that, please let me know and I will make sure not to publish your video. I will not publish without permission anyway, I will let you review them before I put them out.
      2. For the Friday talks and the workshops:
      Room MA141 has space for about 150 people and we will have a projector ("beamer" for you Germans).
      3. for the lightning talks:
      • time
        Aim for roughly 5 minutes. A bit longer is OK, we have some room in the schedule but please do not go beyond 10. Also: if you do not have content for 5 minutes, talk shorter! Shorter is often more stronger. Note that you can and should invite people to talk to you (or join a workshop or meeting later!) to deepen the ideas. The lightning talks are conversation starters!
      • Slides
        You can do slides, but they have to be in PDF and you have to get them to me Friday morning the latest. Please, aim for Thursday! I will put them all in one slide deck, in the right order, so we go from one presentation to the next without looking up files or opening folders or changing laptops.
      • Process
        Saturday/Sunday, you should sit in the talk order in the front row.
      • We start after the keynotes, so please sit there at the beginning of the event! That is at 10:00, at 11 the lightning talks start.

Have fun and build awesome stuff!

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