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What happens to your data when a user account is deleted?

This post was originally written in German by the German Federal Youth Council. Nextcloud is free software for sharing and collaboratively working with files, appointments, tasks, chatting, video conferencing, collaborating and much more. Nextcloud scales from small teams to many thousands of users – and even quite simple web hosting … Continued

Meet Nextcloud experts at enterprise events: Paris Open Source Summit, CS3, Univention Summit, Didacta Conference.

The coming months, Nextcloud will be present at several professional events, offering business representatives an opportunity to learn more about Nextcloud and meet our experts. We are very happy to announce that Nextcloud will have booths, talks, workshops and roundtables at the following events: Paris Open Source Summit, December 5-6 … Continued

Awesome ways you can use the Splunk App for Nextcloud

Guest post by Bjørn Graabek When George Mallory, a mountaineer in the early 1920s was asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, he is supposed to have answered “Because it’s there”. I was recently asked why I created a Splunk App for Nextcloud and, although I didn’t say it … Continued

Keep it up, beta 2 is here!

After hitting feature freeze and testing beta 1, many issues have been resolved and improvements were made. For this beta, we hope to have most apps in the app store ready supporting 15 and of course we continue to value the upgrade process stability greatly, so test it! Nextcloud 15 … Continued

Nextcloud Enterprise Day coming March 12 2019

In the first quarter of 2019 Nextcloud GmbH again organizes an Enterprise Day, this time taking place in Stuttgart at the Congress Centrum Liederhalle. Earlier this year in August, the Enterprise Day during the Nextcloud Conference was very successful, forcing us to move the tables out of the reserved room … Continued

New version of Outlook Add-in

We’re happy to announce an update of our Secure Sharing Outlook Add-in today! This new version introduces a new web login flow that works with all the SSO, 2FA and other authentication technologies available in Nextcloud, a new activity tracker, Workflow integration and more. Watch a video of the Outlook … Continued

Join us at our next Contributor Week!

Up for a last round of intense immersion with Nextcloud this year? Good news: Our next Contributor Week (formerly called Hackweek) will take place in Stuttgart from November 26th to 30th, 2018! We hope many of you will join us! If you are new to our community or want to … Continued

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