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Discover Nextcloud Groupware App Bundle

Nextcloud 12 introduces App Bundles for easier Nextcloud customization. As an administrator, you can enable all the apps in a bundle at once and enjoy the most relevant apps for your usecase. There are currently three App Bundles: Enterprise (auditing, retention, LDAP, SSO…), Groupware (Calendar, Contacts, Mails…) and Social Sharing … Continued

Stuttgart hackweek: see you next time!

Last week, our Hackweek took place in Stuttgart. We aimed at preparing and polishing Nextcloud 12, and we assessed our progress with team members and community. Hackweeks are always an energizing time at Nextcloud. As we work remotely most of the time, they allow us to gather and discuss with … Continued

Univention releases UCS 4.2

Two months ago, we announced our partnership with Univention; we provide their users with an easy to install and maintain Nextcloud app for their Univention Corporate Servers. Today, Univention announces the release of 4.2 Univention Corporate Server which is supported by our Nextcloud 11.0.2 app you can download here. Let’s … Continued

Nextcloud space provided by Netways Web Services

Customers looking for a reliable German provider can now rent ready-to-use Nextcloud instances from Netways GmbH. Their focus on providing the benefits of transparency, reliability, security and protection against vendor lock in of Open Source to their customers was a major reason for Netways to decide on providing Nextcloud as their … Continued

Where should healthcare data be stored?

Healthcare data: a special nightmare to deal with According to the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK, healthcare data breaches accounted for 40% of late 2016 security incidents. This type of information is a special nightmare to deal with. On the one hand, the data is obviously highly sensitive, on the other … Continued

Nextcloud partners with Stylez Corporation

Today, Nextcloud is proud to announce a new partner in Japan! Our goal is to provide business and individuals with the most secure solution for Enterprise Files Sync and Share. Stylez Corporation provides customers with open-source solutions to host and share their data. We are happy to welcome a new … Continued

Help us test upcoming client releases!

We are looking for testers for upcoming client releases! The new Android App version is on its way, we’ve just built the pre-release of the new Desktop client, and we need you folks to give it a try.  We want to make sure they are really stable before they can … Continued

Join our next Hackweek March 25-31!

Meeting face to face with Nextclouders has been our priority since we kicked off Nextcloud in 2016. After a great hackathon in January, we can’t wait to see you again in Stuttgart from March 25 to March 31! We will talk about Nextcloud 12 and get our hands dirty with code. … Continued

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