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What is going on in and around Nextcloud?

Meet Nextcloud at the Paris Open Source Summit!

Nextcloud booth at the Paris Open Source Summit Next week December 6th and 7th, Nextcloud will be present at the Paris Open Source Summit to meet with French companies and its French community. Come visit our booth (B8) and discuss our roadmap, latest improvements, and development! You can come by … Continued

Nextcloud helps you being GDPR-compliant

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became a topic in 2016, most companies didn’t immediately realize that they were affected. But they quickly realized that GDPR is not yet another legislation about European companies: any company doing business with European citizens’ personal data was affected by the text, whether … Continued

Tristan Nitot talks about Clouds and the future of privacy

Today, we’re happy to introduce the Nextcloud community to Tristan Nitot, keynote speaker of the Nextcloud Conference! Mozilla Europe co-founder and former President, current Cozy Cloud Chief Product Officer, Tristan Nitot has been a privacy activist for years now and wrote a book about data, privacy, and surveillance last year. … Continued

How to pick the right Nextcloud releases channel?

Nextcloud covers a wide range of usages, but everybody is different and has different needs. While enterprises prefer to use very stable versions, techies at home like to try our brand new capabilities, and community members are willing to help test the last beta version. For this reason, we provide … Continued

New version of Groupfolders App is coming

Nextcloud is focused on secure sharing between members of an organization, and there are many ways in which individuals and organizations share. Shares in Nextcloud have always been individually owned, that is – a user shares a file or folder with others and as long as the others don’t deny … Continued

Circles 0.11.0 is out!

With Nextcloud 12, we introduced a new app: Circles. Circles enables users to create, manage, join and leave their own groups. Until Nextcloud 11, users could share with groups but groups were managed by Nextcloud administrators. So, each time you needed to join or create a group, you had to … Continued

privacyIDEA adds a new security layer to Nextcloud

Security has always been Nextcloud’s first priority, and we are always happy when people contribute in this area. Today, we are happy to present you privacyIDEA, a modular authentication system adding a security layer to your existing systems. Quick reminder about two-factor authentication Before we explain what privacyIDEA is, let’s … Continued

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